Friday, April 14, 2006

The Big Buddha


  1. I am very envious of you...I would love to be back in are you really Canadian...or are you a poser? I know when I travel abroad i try to pass myself off as canadian (i'm from I kinda have the candain thing going on) was my random post for the day. hehe :)

  2. i know i already posted my random post for the day...but I noticed your reading memoirs of a is it? i just finished watching the movie...and its an amazing movie so I can only imagine the book must be truly amazing. I will have to pick it up...

  3. Lance, lol but yes, I really am Canadian, at least that's what it says on my passport!! :P
    I haven't seen the film yet, but 'Memoirs of a Geisha' - the book, is wonderful! It's also fun to be reading it just before I go to Kyoto next week.

  4. I remember him :-) from when I was a child in Japan. Made such an impession.


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