Tuesday, May 16, 2006

naughty boy

Recently he's started chewing on electric cables. Our house is so wired up with PCs, PDAs, mobile phone chargers, ipods, etc. etc. not to mention the usual lamps and things, that needless to say, this is a bit worrisome. Helpful hints very welcome.


  1. I used to scare the heck out of my cats anytime I saw them near a cord. I meant like screaming my head off and jumping at them and stuff. They finally learned to leave them alone, but it takes time. Very naughty boy!

  2. erm....once he's shocked himself on something, he'll stop.
    or maybe that isn't the best way?
    is 100V dangerous?
    can't say i have ever tried shoving my finger in a socket...

    or how about painting the cables with something really foul tasting? once he's had a good chew on that, he'll stop (unless he decides he likes the really foul taste)

  3. Thanks H and H! :)

    I've been doing a combination of things so far- distract and deter.

    Yelling and making a loud noise but sometimes he'll be right back there, knowing he shouldn't be doing it (maybe in cat years he's in the terrible twos!!??), so I started hiding the cables as much as possible or making them inaccessible. Of course it's impossible to hide them all!

    Read on the Net about putting stuff on them (like your suggestion Misssin). DH thinks the Tabasco idea would be funny and would probably cure him right away. But I really don't like the idea of making the cables all sticky and gross. But I did break down and put some soap on some. Seemed to help a bit...course now that he can't reach the cables behind my bedside table, now my glasses and hand lotion are fair game!! :P


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