Friday, June 30, 2006

Can you guess where I was today?

Yup, I finally got out to the new Ikea store that just opened near Tokyo a couple of months ago. Had the requisite Swedish meatballs, and bought some stuff (how can you go to Ikea and not buy SOMETHING??) but not too much. I did have to carry it home on the train afterall. But why wasn't it open when we needed to buy things for our apartment at the end of last year???


  1. I lurv IKEA!!! What did you bring home on the train?

  2. Let's see...a couple of small circle rugs (one of which Bailey is now curled up on), a comfy green throw (I LOVE cushions and throws), and a couple of kitchen bits and pieces. Then from the food shop, some Swedish biscuits and crispbread.
    I was very tempted by a lamp but just couldn't carry anymore today. But there's always another day!! :P

  3. Sounds like a darn good haul. My kitties drink out of a big, stainless steel, IKEA mixing bowl. I discovered they drink more if I use a bigger bowl; IKEA is saving my cats' kidneys. :)

  4. I love Ikea, too! Infact, the one closest to us is having a huge summer sale! :) From the food shop, I love their Swedish cookies (the chocolate-coated kind) and the $1 breakfasts at the restaurant are not bad!

    Enjoy all the goodies you picked up!

  5. bookfool, very clever!
    Thanks Lotus Reads, enjoy I will.

  6. IKEA! Sadly I still haven't been to the one near Dallas. Bookfool is going to pass out if she hears me say that.


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