Tuesday, June 27, 2006


It's pretty warm these days and Bailey's shedding. A lot. So we brush him everyday with one of those funky mitts with soft rubber prongs and it's amazing how much hair he loses. Today I rolled the loose hair into a ball and tossed it to him. He's had more fun than he has in days...chasing around a ball... of HIS OWN HAIR!!!
Why buy cat toys??


  1. Cats can amuse themselves with just about anything. I have two and one is quite happy to run through the house like a little maniac--as if someone were chasing her!

  2. LOLL! That's oddly horrifying and funny at the same time. Hmmm.

  3. Cats are just like babies, who would rather play with the box a toy came in than the actually toy!!!

    Oh I really miss my two boys, cats can be so entertaining.

  4. LOL! I love it! I'd never have thought to toss my cats a ball of their own fur, although there's plenty of fur in our brush to make a small ball. You're so clever!

    I chased my kitty, Sunshine, out of a box, this afternoon. She was scratching the cardboard and I had a bad feeling she was mistaking the box for something else. :)

  5. Oh yes, cats and their amusing antics! D, Bailey also tears around the house sometimes. Good exercise, right?!
    A, totally!
    H, we always have an empty box or 2 around, he loves hiding in them.
    B, did you try it? :)

  6. remember when my parents bought a new washing machine.
    there was this HUGE box that it came in & i fell in love with it.
    i spent hours and hours playing that box - it was a ship, a house, a car, a rocket and lots of other things.
    can't remember how old i was, but i still remember that box...

    so, it's not only cats, you know...
    (although i would like to clarify now that i do NOT play with balls of my own hair...)

  7. LOL! Glad to hear that you don't play with balls of your own hair!
    Course Bailey's now lost interest- cats are so fickle! :P

  8. Nope, haven't tried it making a furball toy, yet. I've misplaced the brush. I'm losing everything, lately.


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