Thursday, June 01, 2006

The other Mr. Darcy

Continuing with more Mr. Darcy loveliness, I decided I NEEDED to watch last year's film version of Pride & Prejudice too! (It's all your fault Heather!!)
Watching it so soon after the BBC version though, it did pale in comparison. Some of the story is rushed (how could it not be in only 2 hours), but it's still fun to watch when in need of a quick fix! I think I saw an interview somewhere with Keira Knightley in which she said she preferred the UK ending, and now having finally seen the alternate US version, I'd have to agree with her.

Colin's definitely my favourite Mr. Darcy, but I think Matthew MacFadyen did a good job. I've liked him since seeing him in the BBC tv series, Spooks.
I've run out of visual versions of P&P so hopefully life will now get back to normal! :P


  1. LOL! Sorry!

    I'm curious, what was the differences between the US and UK versions? I was only moderately happy with the ending to the US version.

    I've ordered the miniseries with Colin Firth. I can't wait to see it, I just know I'm going to adore it. And the new P&P will surely pale in comparison, especially with so much left out. And didn't you just want to string up that Lydia by her toenails??

  2. No worries. I love watching/reading anything Austen, so it was a great 'excuse'!


    Not a big thing really but the UK one ends with the father giving his consent, so it doesn't have that 'Mrs. Darcy, Mrs. Darcy...' scene. It doesn't really fit with the book so I prefer without.

    The BBC version is fantastic, I'm sure you'll love it. The tension between Darcy and Elizabeth is very very well done!

    You'll want to string up that Lydia too!! And the mother!! :P

  3. I was wondering what the different endings were...the US one was a bit different. I had a hard time imaginging Darcy and Lizzie acting like that...but I did still like the newer version. Of course the BBC one is excellent!

  4. Now you can listen to a collaborative reading of P&P via LibriVox.

  5. June seems to be the month for blogging on P&P!
    I just saw it and liked it, as did my friend Suse...

  6. oh, but neither of us liked the US ending!


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