Wednesday, July 19, 2006


part of the rock garden at Nanzen-ji


  1. How do they create and maintain those wonderful raked gardens without having to sit all day removing weeds, leaves, and (if you lived in Mississippi, at least, this would be a constant) doggie doo? I just love that kind of garden; it's so serene. But, I could never have one, here.

  2. That's beautiful! Much cooler than the one we made out of salt and pebbles on our altar to Yoda at work. Our salt garden even has its own little rake! But still not as cool as your pic. :)

  3. Thanks guys!
    bookfool, I believe these types of Zen rock gardens are raked every day by a resident monk, so I guess that would keep the weeds and leaves away. Also, they are often enclosed, at least the ones I've visited like Ryoan-ji in Kyoto.

    And I have to say, the Japanese are really great at picking up the doggie doo. After living in Europe where you really have to watch where you step in cities like Paris, it's so nice to have clean sidewalks!

  4. Okay, "enclosed" is apparently the key word. :) The daily doggie doo output of the neighborhood dogs (in our yard alone) is enough to make my head spin. I probably just need a handy, dandy monk. Thanks for the answer, Nat!!!

    I just love that photo!!

  5. I want a monk, too! Perfection and gardening just don't go hand-in-hand in my yard.


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