Sunday, August 20, 2006

Back from Sendai

Well, the weather was pretty bad. It was so hot and so extremely disgustingly humid!! Oh how I love Japanese summer!!! Probably one of the most uncomfortable weather experiences of my life!
BUT we still did manage to have a nice time. Even dripping sweat, we saw some beautiful shrines and temples, saw a few of the famous Matsushima islands through the fog (the fog was incredible, you could barely see - the pic here is not clear because of the fog), and ate lots of fresh sushi. H also had beef tongue, a local specialty, but I wasn't too keen on trying that. And we decided it's an area we wouldn't mind going back to, except NOT in the summer!
Pics to follow over the next few days.


  1. Glad you're back, Nat - I can't wait to see more pics. Love this city pic. Sorry the heat and humidity were so awful. We have that kind of summer in Mississippi. We're dying for some cool air but it usually doesn't cool off till at least the latter part of October, so we've got a long wait. I hope your summer is shorter than ours! :)

  2. Thanks Nancy. Unfortunately summer here is about as long- it'll be maybe around the middle of Oct. before it feels like Fall. (sigh)
    Here's hoping for a shorter than usual summer for both of us! :P


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