Monday, August 14, 2006

Book #29 - The Fourth Bear

by Jasper Fforde
2nd book in the Nursery Crime series

My Rating: 4/5 (Very Good)

"The Gingerbreadman - psychopath, sadist, convicted murderer, and cake/biscuit - is loose on the streets of Reading."

Hehehe! Another fun, clever story from Jasper Fforde. I didn't really warm up to the first book (The Big Over Easy) in this new series, an offshoot of his Thursday Next series which I loved, but this 2nd book tickled my funny bone! How does he come up with his ideas?!

In this episode, Jack Spratt and Mary Mary of the Nursery Crime Division are once again caught up in a bizarre case, this time involving the Gingerbreadman, bears, Goldilocks, cucumbers, and a WWI theme park to name a few.
Good fun for those willing to suspend disbelief and go along for the ride! Next year will bring a new Thursday Next novel- definitely something to look forward to.


  1. Wow, I didn't even know about this one!!! I'm so out of the loop.

  2. I loved the Tuesday Next series, although I tired by the end of the 3rd one. Fjorde definitely is off the wall and hilarious. I'm glad to hear a review of his Nursery Crime series.

  3. I haven't read either of these though I notice my wife got the first one on CD from the library so I should probably listen to it.

    Love the Thursday Next novels and am glad to hear that they are publishing another one next year...was just wondering about that the other day when I saw this new book on the shelf at B&N.

  4. I was wondering if he'd continue with the Thursday Next books too since the 4th one really wrapped up a lot of loose ends. So I was glad to hear about the new one coming out next year. :)


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