Thursday, August 31, 2006

Book #33 - Kitchen

(Including the novella, Moonlight Shadow)
by Banana Yoshimoto

Translated from the Japanese by Megan Backus

My Rating: 3/5

"Kitchen juxtaposes two tales about mothers, transsexuality, bereavement, kitchens, love and tragedy in contemporary Japan." (from the back cover)

I was still in the mood for something short and this caught my eye on the shelf. While the stories were easy and enjoyable to read, they also felt rather slight, seeming to focus more on surface emotions than any real depth of character. They suit my short attention span, but didn't really make a lasting impression.


  1. I keep seeing this around and thinking about picking it up, but the insane colour on the cover always deters me! Sounds like it has potential for those times when your brain is fried but you need to read something, if nothing else.

  2. yes, it's a very bright pink!! The US cover is much more subdued. :)

  3. Short stories are a challenge for me. I prefer something that lets me sink my teeth into the story. However, I feel my cultural literacy is sorely lacking in terms of Japanese Literature. So, I'm going to brush up on some of Banana's works. It'll be interesting to talk more when I've read something of hers. :)

  4. I've only read a couple of her books. They're very ... contemporary I guess I'd say. I look forward to hearing what your impression is once you've read something by her.


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