Thursday, August 03, 2006

rain on the horizon

view of Burrard Inlet from West Vancouver
*for Thursday Challenge "sky"
(click image for larger view)


  1. Tanabata, are you visiting Canada? Your info says you live in Japan. Is Vancouver your home? My husband and I visited Vancouver 2 summers in a row and loved it. I remember Burrard Inlet. I sat one one evening on a grassy slant overlooking the inlet. There were people everywhere, because it was such a warm, beautiful night. We also visited Stanley Park, Quayle Market and Capilano suspension bridge.
    I hope we can return someday.

  2. That's a very nice picture. :)

  3. I was wondering the same thing (if you're on vacation or simply using an older photo for the challenge). It's been years since I was in Vancouver, although I have been back to Vancouver Island more recently. Beautiful part of the world, imo. Wouldn't mind living there, near the water.

  4. I *wish* I were in Vancouver right now- would be much cooler than Tokyo!!
    This pic was actually taken in March 2005.
    "Home" (or "the place I visit when I go to Canada" as I've been away for about 9 years now) is Victoria but I sometimes get over to Vancouver when I'm there.

  5. I just posted a picture on my garden blog and decided to pop over to yours again. I'd forgotten you'd posted this picture. We both must have rain on the brain. :)


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