Thursday, September 21, 2006

But, Enough About Books....

Booking Through Thursday

But, enough about books. . . what else do you read?? Magazines? Newspapers? Professional journals? Cereal boxes? Phone books? Purchase invoices? Homework? (Please be specific. There may be a test later.)

The easy answer, pretty much anything. At least if I'm not specifically reading a book or magazine, or watching tv, my eyes will drift to whatever text is available, including the soap dispenser, toothpaste tube, cereal boxes, whatever. Growing up in Canada meant that I would read the English side, and then the French side too! And kept reading them over and over every time I brushed my teeth or ate the cereal! Phone books? Not so much, but it's usually tucked away so it's out of sight anyway. Newspapers? Only when I'm on holiday somewhere and I pick up the free hotel copies. I've tried having a subscription and they just stack up, each one partly read. Magazines? Definitely. Besides the ones I just pick up on a whim when I'm at a bookshop, I currently have a subscription to TIME (small, easy to carry and keeps me up on world news once a week so it works much better for me than newspapers), McSweeney's (just started this year), Zoetrope: All-Story (another one I started this year), and newbooks. When we lived in the UK I would also regularly pick up Pages and the Waterstone's Quarterly Books Magazine (free when you spent over £20 so of course I always spent over £20!). There are plenty of others I've been tempted by but shipping costs to Japan make me think twice. Plus I've already gotten loads of great book suggestions and info from blogs and websites to keep me going for years!


  1. You´re living in Japan, right? Have you tried manga? It´s cool. Cool stories. By the way, you posted the same thing 4 times.

  2. Great post, Nat! I'm like you; I've always read whatever's nearby. If there aren't any cereal boxes at hand during a solitary meal, I go hunting for something to read - anything will do. :)

  3. Lone Wolf, I keep looking at the manga and would like to read them in Japanese but I need to start with the kid's ones that are written more simply and it always seems like too much work. I know that some of them are translated into English but ...
    As for posting 4 times, I was having some issues with Blogger last night. As soon as I realised it posted 4 times, I deleted the extra posts- you were too quick!

    bookfool, yup, I'll read whatever's on the table. Lately when I eat alone at home though, I tend to watch tv, or pop in a DVD.


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