Wednesday, September 20, 2006

'House' fans- please help!

I'd like to buy the DVDs of 'House' but if at all possible I'd like them to have English subtitles. From the searching I've done online, it seems that for the US Region 1 versions, Season 2 has English subtitles, but Season 1 only has Spanish subtitles. Is this true?

Then, for the Canadian Region 1 versions, it seems there might be English subtitles on the Season 1 set, but it's not certain because at another site I checked it only listed Spanish like the US version.

The UK, Region 2 versions also seem to be missing English subtitles, at least on the Season 1 set but I'm not sure about Season 2 either, which hasn't been released there yet.
As you can see I'm not fussy about the region. Can someone somewhere please let me know if House, Season 1 is available with subtitles?

Thanks muchly!


  1. It does seem that way on the Amazon list for season one. It says it is close captioned, so I assume that means it has the English subtitles for the hearing impaired...they only bad thing about that is you get both the words and descriptions of other sounds as well. For example, (knock on door). Might be a way to watch it in English with English subtitles though.

  2. I have Season 1 and it's got English "captions" - I'm looking at the box. I do think it might be the hearing-impaired version, although that's never bothered me a bit. Carl described it well. The captioned DVDs vary on what exactly they "describe". A musical interlude, for example, may have just a couple of musical notes and the word "Music" or actually have the words to the music written out. Either way, you're getting to "read" most, if not all, of what the characters say. Captions sometimes are abbreviated but you get the gist.

  3. Thanks Carl and bookfool. English captions for the Hearing Impaired would do. We've used them before when there weren't straight English subtitles.

  4. My dh and I used the closed captions all the time. We're either getting hard of hearing or the sound on a lot of the dvds these days just isn't up to par, imho. It seems like a lot of the actors either swallow their words or mumble, incoherently. That with a noisy soundtrack and we find ourselves backtracking to re-listen to what we missed. So, when they captions are available, they're turned on! This has been invaluable while watching Deadwood, which has extremely fast-paced Shakespearean-style dialogue. Oh, and we still keep the audio on.

  5. Les, I know what you mean. Mainly the English subtitles or captions are for H. Since English is his 2nd language he finds that the captions are enough to fill in the mumbling or slang or whatnot that he may miss on just hearing it. Of course I've now gotten used to them to fill in when I don't catch something so even if he's not watching with me, I'll often put them on!


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