Saturday, September 16, 2006


ten-don (tempura donburi)


  1. Looks absolutely delicious. What is the donburi?

  2. I never knew until recently that the quality of tempura is largely dependant on the quality of the cooking oil used.

    This is supposedly why it costs a small fortune in some places and is as cheap as chips in others.

    How would you rate that particular tempura donburi?!

  3. Hi booklogged, if you click on the word donburi I've linked it to wikipedia, but it basically just means when something is served over rice, in this case the tempura is served on top of rice instead of on the side.

    Brit in Hokkaido, I had the chance once to eat at a very posh, expensive tempura restaurant (I wasn't paying!) and it IS very different- so light, no oily taste. I think the price is also so high because they change the oil daily or at least very very often, whereas the cheap places keep using the oil for a while, just like other fast food places.
    Yesterday's tempura was actually "fast food tempura" at a rather reasonably priced chain restaurant, Ten-ya, I think it's called. So I'd say the quality is 'not bad' considering the price, but a bit heavy. It was their seasonal kinoko (mushroom) version though so it was fun to have some autumn food.

  4. Yum that looks good! I love Japanese food. At least the American version :)

  5. Mmm, tempura. I have a friend in Japan at the moment, and whenever I talk to her I think of Japanese eel, and how much I miss it!

  6. Ooooh, yum, I love tempura! It's always my favorite item to order when we're at a Japanese restaurant - the kids love their sushi pizza!

  7. Heather, lol. Some of the American Japanese food is quite interesting! :P

    Les, it was pretty good. It'll be nice when the weather finally gets cool and stays that way. Then I'll really feel like hot, heavier fare.

    the traveller, I have to admit I'm not a fan of eel. I also have a negative mental image that I can't get past- they look like snakes to me, water snakes!

    Lotus, sushi pizza??????? Must be one of those American versions Heather was talking about! ;P

  8. Oh, for sure, Nat! :) The Japanese are probably horrified at what we do to their food!

  9. LOL! H isn't too fond of the Westernized or fusion style Japanese food- he like the 'real' stuff! I don't mind though sometimes it's fun. Must be my Western taste buds!


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