Friday, September 01, 2006

R.I.P. Autumn Challenge

At first I resisted (for all of a day!) thinking I just finished the Summer Reading Challenge, I don't want to join another challenge, I want to read what I want to read when the mood strikes. I don't want to follow another set list. Plus I don't usually read spooky, scary type books. I do like gothic I looked at a few lists. Ex Libris reminded me of all the talk of Capote lately. Danielle reminded me that I have been wanting to read some James. Carl reminded me of Gaiman. Hmmm...over half way there. What else could I find on my shelves that would fit the challenge guidelines:

"pick out any 5 books that you want to read that you think meet the very open, broad criteria of being scary, eerie, moody, dripping with atmosphere, gothic, unsettling, etc."

Then I remembered an early book of Joanne Harris' that I've been wanting to read for ages and would fit under gothic. And a Japanese book that very loosely fits but David Mitchell, who is brilliant, does call it (from quote on the front cover) "a cerebral and haunting ghost story". And one of THE classic masterpieces of gothic. And a couple of Wilkie Collins short stories. And a book by Daphne Du Maurier. And a very disturbing, depraved story (or so I've heard) of scent. Oh, I thought, I might be in the mood after all. I have other books I want to read too but I guess they'll, I give in, but Carl, it's all your fault!!

Here are the 5 books I plan to read for the R.I.P. Autumn Challenge:
1. In Cold Blood - Truman Capote --Finished
2. The Turn of the Screw - Henry James --Finished
3. Coraline - Neil Gaiman --Finished
4. Sleep, Pale Sister - Joanne Harris --Finished
5. Strangers - Taichi Yamada --Finished

And if I have the time and/or inclination I have these to tempt me as well:
Who Killed Zebedee? - Wilkie Collins
The Monk - Matthew Lewis
Perfume - Patrick Suskind
The King's General - Daphne Du Maurier

*Last updated 31 October 2006


  1. So glad you're joining in! In Cold Blood has been on my TBR list for some time now, and this seemed the perfect time to read it! I'll look forward to your comments on it.

  2. Sorry to pull you in against your will! Glad you are joining in. The point isn't to be rigid about what you read, its just to promote this kind of reading during a season that I love and I have gotten soooo many great ideas for other stuff I want to read from all of the bloggers. I am very excited.

  3. Ex Libris- And me yours! I don't actually own it yet but it will be ordered later today. But there's been so much talk about it and the movie and the biography lately that I've been sorely tempted so this is the perfect excuse!

    Carl- No worries! More like twist my rubber arm, especially where books are concerned. :P

  4. More great choices! I've been reading through so many great lists this evening. I do hope I can narrow my choices down to only five.

  5. Good luck choosing your books, Heather!

  6. Oooh Sleep, Pale Sister is a good one. I hope you like it. And, Perfume is one of my most favorite books. Can't wait to hear how your challenge goes :)

  7. Iliana, you're making me even more excited to read them! :)

  8. Tanabata, glad you will be doing the challenge, too. Your choices look so interesting. Can't wait to read your reviews.

  9. I loved Sleep, Pale Sister. Just great gothic suspense. I also loved Coraline. Very creepy. Very.

  10. Thanks booklogged. I'm looking forward to your reviews too. The only one from your list I've read is Neverwhere.

    Heather, I bought Sleep, Pale Sister ages ago (I actually had started searching for it when it was still out of print before they reprinted it!) but your raving about it earlier this year and Carl's challenge are getting me to finally read it. Really looking forward to it!

  11. Nat,

    Thanks for posting your titles and sucking me into a challenge. Your list looks great - can't wait to read your reviews!

  12. Glad you're joining in the challenge, Nancy. I just finished my current read so I'll be starting my first book for it tonight.


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