Tuesday, September 26, 2006

tree no. 638

(click on image to enlarge)
I actually didn't notice the number on the tree (bottom right corner) until I downloaded the pictures but I thought it was kind of funny.


  1. Wonder who is counting the trees. And why?

  2. Cooool! I love trees. Love nature! By the way... I noticed that Japan has a new Prime Minister. How it happened? Did you vote? Could you explain me this?

  3. Is that tree on the right dead? Sure is interesting.

  4. Les, I would guess that since the Botanical Garden is part of the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Science (click on the link under the Koishikawa Botanical Garden pic) that they must be doing studies on the trees, and need a way to identify them?

    Lone Wolf, I've never been terribly interested in politics and I can't vote here so I don't pay much attention to the details. But as I understand it, when Koizumi stepped down, Abe was elected to replace him as the head of the party (LDP) and since it holds the majority in Parliament, he automatically became the new PM. Make sense?

    booklogged, it didn't seem dead, just old and 'wrinkly'! :P

  5. From tagging animals to tagging trees...will the horror never end? ;)

  6. Thanx. It makes sense for me (I guess...).


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