Thursday, October 12, 2006

5 most memorable

Choosing my 5 most interesting things, got me thinking about and remembering all those plays and musicals that I was fortunate to see in London. So another list is in order!

My 5 most memorable theatre experiences:

5. Watching Twelfth Night, performed in traditional costume, by an all-male cast, at the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

His Dark Materials (Philip Pullman's trilogy made into a 2 part play) was fantastic! So good that I went back to see it all again the following year!

3. Seeing
Joseph Fiennes in Love's Labours Lost.

2. Some people don't like it but I love
Les Misérables. It suits my love of historical fiction, period pieces, drama, …well you get the idea. I saw it twice. Once at the Palace Theatre, then again after it moved to the Queen's Theatre.

1. Seeing
Kevin Spacey in The Philadelphia Story. Also saw him in National Anthems, both at the Old Vic of which he is the current Artistic Director, and he is absolutely brilliant live!!


  1. Nat, you have done some of the coolest things!!! I would love just to GO to the Globe theatre, how amazing that you actually saw a play there! (Heck, I'd just like to go to England.)

    And I love Les Miserables too. I've seen it twice. I have the book and someday will read it.

    Joseph Fiennes is hot.

  2. Oh, wow, you lucky chick! I'd love to see all of those! We've walked past the Globe Theater but didn't go inside. The only production I've seen in the theater (in London - I've never lived anywhere that was even remotely close to theater with well-known actors) was The King and I, back in 1980, when Yul Brynner was still alive. It was wonderful. Some day, I want to make a theater trip to London to see show after show.

    I love Les Miserables, too, btw - although I've only seen the movie.

  3. I love Les Miserables, too. Saw it in San Diego and then a few years later here in Lincoln. Both times were outstanding. It helped that I had listened to the soundtrack months in advance of the first viewing and therefore knew all the songs (and felt I could follow the story and dialogue better having done so).

    Kevin Spacey is one of my favorite actors. I'll bet he was great!

    Yep, Joseph Fiennes is very easy on the eyes. :)

    One of my favorite musicals is Crazy For You. Wonderful songs!

  4. COOL! Great theatre! Well... I think the most important is: you did it ´cause you wanted... and you liked. Congratulations to your freedom. Carry on!

  5. What a wonderful list! It confirms my feeling that every theater lover should spend a week or so in London every year they can afford to. (In fact, I read somewhere that Kevin Spacey's mother made sure her children did just that when they were growing up. They weren't rich, by any means, but she was a determined woman, is my impression.)

  6. Heather, it was such a fun atmosphere to watch Shakespeare in. I kept imagining I was in 'Shakespeare in Love' in the scene in the theatre. Of course they built a set for the movie, but it looked the same!

    Nancy, you should definitely see the musical if you ever get the chance.

    Les, Kevin Spacey is definitely one of my favourite actors. He was so amazing to watch live!!

    Lone Wolf, thanks, it was such a great opportunity, and except for a couple of duds, they were all worth seeing.

    BlogLily, interesting, I didn't know that about Kevin Spacey's mom. Clever woman!


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