Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Book #39 - The Way the Crow Flies

by Ann-Marie MacDonald

Shortlisted for the Giller Prize - 2003

My Rating: 4.5/5

A long book, at over 700 pages, but it was a compelling read so it kept me up late several nights, not wanting to put it down. By turns shocking, frustrating, touching, amusing, thought-provoking, it's beautifully written with characters that came across so real, faults and all. Right from the beginning, I cared what happened to the young heroine of the story, Madeleine, and her family. I simply had to keep reading to see how it would all turn out. I even learned a little about what life was like in the 60s during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and life in the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force). Plus, it was interesting to learn that part of the plot is actually based on the real life case of Stephen Truscott and that MacDonald apparently grew up in the same region, during the same time period. It has left me thinking about secrets, their consequences, and living with the choices one makes. A truly great read; it's one of the best books I've read this year!
"Afterwards, in bed with a book, the spell of television feels remote compared to the journey into the page. To be in a book. To slip into the crease where two pages meet, to live in the place where your eyes alight upon the words to ignite a world of smoke and peril, colour and serene delight. That is a journey no one can end with the change of a channel. Enduring magic."


  1. I'm so pleased to hear this was such a good read for you. I have it in my BFB (BigFatBook aka Chunkster) stacks and may read it before Lonesome Dove. My dad was in the Royal Canadian Army. Not the same as the Air Force, but I'm curious about that aspect of the story. And I love books with a young protagonist. Oooh, maybe I won't wait 'til January!

  2. Great Review!! I've barely started it but have a number of days off coming up and am planning on using them to read this book and a few others. I'm glad you enjoyed the choice for Canadiana October!

    Heather T.

  3. Great review, Nat! This one's on my Chunkster Challenge pile - just got a copy from a friend - and now I'm even more eager to dive into it!

  4. So glad to reading your glowing remarks. My copy has been ordered and I expect it any day. Can't wait. The quote is beautiful. Thanks, Tanabata.

  5. I read Fall on Your Knees by Anne-Marie MacDonald years ago and loved it. It was a bit slow in the beginning and I almost gave up on it, but then it took off. It haunted me for quite some time.

    I've been thinking about reading The Way The Crow Flies for some time but I wasn't sure how it would measure up to her first release. I'm definitely going to have to add this to my never-ending TBR list!

  6. Thanks you guys. It was a great read. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

    Heather, thank YOU (via Our Coffee Rings) for the gentle push to finally read it. :)

    Amelia, I also really enjoyed her first book. I'd like to reread both of them at some point. Lots there.

  7. I started this book back when it first came out, but I was never able to get into it. I am going to have to try again one of these days.

    2003... that means it has been on my pile for 3 years. Yeah, that has to be read.


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