Monday, October 02, 2006


There are a couple of reasons why I didn't read Little Women for Our Coffee Rings this month. One is that I've been reading books for the R.I.P. Challenge and kind of ran out of time. The main reason though is that about a week or so ago I discovered something very frustrating.

I still have my old copy of Little Women, with the bent spine, that I read as a child. I thought the group read would be a good excuse to read it again since I don't remember much of it. Besides it is not very long, I thought, when I pulled it out. My copy is only 270 pages.

I saw some comments by other bloggers though about it being a bit long. Out of curiosity I checked the page count of various versions of the book on Amazon. All were well over 400 pages! I started getting a bit suspicious.

So I decided to look for it online, since it's in the public domain, and compare. First I found it here, which listed 23 chapters, same as mine. But then I found it here with 47 chapters! And I found this comment on Amazon from School Library Journal about the Scholastic edition:

"Little Women was originally written in two parts, and this volume only contains part one, which ends with Mr. March's return. Readers familiar with the more common two-part version may find this title incomplete."

Mine is over 20 years old after all, so it's different to the one listed on Amazon, but it was also published by Scholastic. So now I feel completely cheated! Damn Scholastic and their shortened junior version!!

Someday I will have to read Little Women in its entirety! For now I have to figure out what to do with this incomplete book I have. Who would want it? Do I throw it away? And even more worryingly, I wonder about other Scholastic classics I read as a child...


  1. Interesting! I would've never known that! Thanks for posting this ... it prompted me to go check my copies of Little Women. The "Children's Classics" version I have has both parts 1 & 2 (thankfully)... Can't find my other copy, but I'll be checking it, too! :o)

    Sorry you were duped. :-?

  2. Me too!

    Mine ended on Mr March's return, though seeing as my copy is in London, I can't check whether it was Scholastic or not.

  3. I'd hold onto it, especially if it is something that you've had for awhile. The common theme I heard from people reading the book recently is that they liked the first part much better than the second so you may have the best part of it anyway! ;)

  4. I haven't finished Little Women yet. I'll make it to the discussion but I'll be late. Oh well.

  5. I think that might make me throw up. To find out a great book had been incomplete all these years. *sniffle*

  6. I remember getting LW from the library as a child and it was *massive*. I think the edition I got was more than 470 pages. But I do own an itty bitty abridged version which I will probably never read (and never have) but am attached to because it was my grandmothers.

    Hmm now I'm wondering how many books I read that were actually abridged...

  7. Oh, wow, what an awful thought. My old copy of Little Women is in the attic or I'd go peek and see if it's a Scholastic version. I'll feel cheated if it is. Is that how you feel?

  8. Okay, ignore the totally exhausted dork who asked you IF YOU FEEL LIKE WHAT IT SAYS IN YOUR SUBJECT LINE. Somebody send that Bookfool to bed before she blushes to death.

  9. I think the copy I read as a tweenager was only the first half too!! I wondered at the size of the version I bought for Our Coffee Rings but sort of flubbed it off as big print being the reason! LOL I'm putting it on hold and moving onto October's choice.

  10. Wow. Lots of comments on this one.
    I have to admit I had no idea either and would've probably continued on in blissful ignorance if it weren't for Our Coffee Rings reading it this month. So thank you because in this case I'd much rather know.

    Carl, I still haven't decided what to do with it. Yes, I've had it for awhile but I'm not that sentimentally attached to it. And I'm trying to slim down (ha ha ha!!!) my bookshelves by only keeping ones that I might read again. Of course I have to actually read them for the first time!

    bookfool, please don't feel bad. I know I certainly have my moments. At least know that you made me smile! :)

    Heather, I've already started on The Way the Crow Flies. I've only read about 100 pages but am really enjoying it so far! Yay!

  11. Wow, I had no clue. Luckily I purchased the correct two part book when at the bookstore recently!

  12. I live to make you smile, Nat. Just wish I didn't have to turn the shade of pickled beets in order to do so. :)

  13. Wow, now I am wondering if mine is there in its entirety. I must check.


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