Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Going Back in Time

Well, this time tomorrow (Thursday, October 19th, about 11pm) I'll be:

a) trapped in a plane perhaps somewhere over the Pacific, reading, eating bad airline food, or maybe watching a cheesy movie.

b) most likely jetlagged, hopefully sound asleep in a real bed in Victoria.

A simple thing, crossing the International Date Line, but it always amuses me to arrive at my destination BEFORE I left! :P
Of course I lose that day on the way back, but oh well.
Anyway, I'm off on a visit to the homeland so posting will be scarce, if at all, for the rest of the month. But I'll be back in time for Halloween, and the end of the R.I.P Challenge.

As for which books to bring, it's not too hard this time. I'm only taking 2 fluffy (that's all my brain can handle in airplanes) books with me that will not make the return journey. I'll need all the space I can get because I already have 4 books waiting for me that I ordered from a couple of weeks ago! Plus I'll definitely be scooping up a few more while I'm there, enjoying the bookshops. I'll list my goodies when I get back.

Now off to finish start packing.


  1. Have a wonderful trip! We'll miss your lovely posts.

  2. Enjoy your trip! And, how fun that you already have books waiting for you. Can't wait to see what lovely pictures you'll post when you return.

  3. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your time at home. To be in the beautiful city is a real treat.

  4. Have a great time, Nat!! I'll miss you and your posts, but will look forward to some great pics and stories when you return.

    Nancy, posting from Delta State University's coffee shop (home of the Fighting Acorn!!)


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