Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Doctor is in the House

I finally ordered House from Amazon.com, just over a week ago and they arrived yesterday! Yay for Amazon and the efficiency of the postal service! I'm so looking forward to finally seeing how Season One ends and all of Season Two! (In all fairness House is showing in Japan and is about 2/3 of the way through Season One- but I couldn't wait anymore! And one episode a week is far too slow!) Of course I've already watched 3 episodes! Woohoo! It's like an early Christmas present!

Edit: umm. I've now watched all 5 remaining episodes I hadn't seen in Season One. Bring on Season Two! (And just how many more exclamation marks can I use in this post?!!!) ;P


  1. Oh, are you in for a treat!! A "House" marathon sounds delightful. :) We've watched both Season 1 & 2, but none of 3. We'll wait for it to come out on dvd so we can watch at our leisure, commercial-free.

    Meanwhile, we're getting our fill of Grey's Anatomy on dvd and are about halfway through our second viewing of Band of Brothers.

  2. It's such a great show! I haven't even started Season Two yet and I'm already impatient for Season Three to come out on DVD! I blame Andi and Heather for all their tantalising comments!

    BTW, how is Grey's Anatomy? I've been a long-time fan of ER and another friend of mine recommended it but I haven't seen any of it so hesitate to buy it.

  3. I like Grey's Anatomy just as much as House. They're very different, but still deal with the medical dramas. The friendships between the interns and the attendings is great fun to watch. A bit of a soap opera at times, but then so was ER (which I loved, but haven't watched in a few years - actually, since the original cast disappeared).

  4. Glad you've gotten this as it is a wonderful show! This current season is fantastic.

  5. !!!!! Yay for House !!!!!

    Glad you are enjoying it. It is such a great show. The writing, the cast (Hugh Laurie!!!), it's all just fantastic!!!

    And yes, season 3 has been just as good so far. SO much to love!!

    How's that for exclamation points?!!?!?!

  6. Les, I came to like the newer members of ER, and was caught up in England to the end of season 11. Unfortunately they're years behind in Japan (currently showing season 5 or something). So when I run out of things to watch maybe I'll have to give Grey's Anatomy a try.

    Carl, it's so fun. I watched 3 more episodes today! So addictive!

    LOL Heather! Excellent use of the exclamation points!!!! ;P

  7. I've yet to watch Season 2, although my eldest owns it. Unfortunately, he's 3 hours' drive away from us. I'll bet you're having fun!! I love House!!! I've been a Hugh Laurie fan for a long time. Season 3 has been terrific, so far. I even let the kiddo stop working on his big project to watch this week's episode because I couldn't fathom missing it, myself. :)

  8. I really need to see "House". So many people like it and I have never seen one episode.

  9. Nancy, I didn't really know of Hugh Laurie before House but I can see why you've been a long-time fan.

    Kailana, it's sarcastic, snarky humour and I love it! :P


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