Monday, November 06, 2006

From the Stacks Winter Challenge

I'm such a joiner! But Michelle at overdue books has a great challenge already underway that I can't resist! Plus it'll be good for me!

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The Challenge:
November 1st, 2006 to January 30th, 2007
"If you are anything like me your stack of purchased to-be-read books is teetering over. So for this challenge we would be reading 5 books that we have already purchased, have been meaning to get to, have been sitting on the nightstand and haven't read before. No going out and buying new books. No getting sidetracked by the lure of the holiday bookstore displays."

The Books:
Plum Wine - Angela Davis-Gardner --FINISHED
The History of Love - Nicole Krauss --FINISHED
Roxanna Slade - Reynolds Price --FINISHED
About Grace - Anthony Doerr --FINISHED
The Fall of Light - Niall Williams --FINISHED

For extra credit:
Natural Flights of the Human Mind - Clare Morrall
Them - Joyce Carol Oates
The Shipping News - Annie Proulx
the love of a good woman - Alice Munro
Surfacing - Margaret Atwood

*last updated January 25, 2007


  1. I couldn't help but join this challenge too :)

    I read History of Love & Natural Flights of the Human Mind this summer. Thought they were both fabulous. Hope you enjoy them. I'm interesting in some of your other books so I'll definitely be looking forward to your reviews.

  2. I've been enjoying jumping from site to site and looking at all the lists. So, so many wonderful sounding books. I agree with Iliana about The History of Love - it is fabulous. Will enjoy reading your reviews.

  3. I've been wanting to read History of Love since I read Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by her husband. Can't wait to see what you think of it.

  4. I found History of Love to be a very interesting read, and very much enjoyed The Shipping News. I'm thinking about taking the official challenge, which I'm pretty much trying to do anyway.

  5. I need to join this challenge but just haven't taken the time to haul myself over there. Thanks for the reminder. I'm still waiting on a copy of History of Love and will look forward to your thoughts.

  6. 3 votes for The History of Love! I can't wait! :)


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