Friday, December 29, 2006

Book stats, 2006

I just finished my 52nd book, allowing me to reach my book-a-week goal (yay!), but a bit short of my personal goal of 60 books. I usually average between 50-55 a year so I guess I'm still within my usual, although I had hoped to read more this year.

Of the 52 books I read this year:
26 were by women authors
23 were by men
3 were compilations of short stories by both

29 were by American authors
9 Japanese
(and 1 of the compilations was by both Japanese and American authors)
6 British
3 Canadian
2 Australian
1 Brazilian
1 Nigerian

29 were by new-to-me authors, 12 of which I would definitely read something else by them
2 were rereads

Most of the books were Fiction, of which only 4 were Classics (yikes!).
Non-Fiction, 4 or 5 depending how you count Capote's In Cold Blood.

The longest book was Gone With the Wind at 1020 pages.
Only 3 others were over 500 pgs.
The shortest was Snakes and Earrings at 118 pages.
Total pages read = 16,176

Hm, I definitely see some things I'd like to work on for next year. More on that in the New Year.


  1. I love the way you broke things down. I'd never have thought to pay attention to nationality of authors, for example. Very cool. I need to do similar; it looks like a great way to analyze what you've read. I know I fell short on classics, this year.

  2. Great list! I read Out last year and thought it was brilliant.

  3. bookfool, oh I'm always somewhat conscious of authors' nationality (although it's tricky sometimes to know, when they are born somewhere, live somewhere else, etc.).
    No slight intended in any way, but I'm slightly disappointed that over half were by American authors this year. I'd like to have a bit more diversity. Of course, I still go with mood and what sounds good first and foremost though!

    kimbofo, I'm definitely going to read something else by her at some point.


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