Friday, December 22, 2006

tori no ichi (rake fair)

Last week was the annual rake fair at the nearby shrine. It's the time for businesses to buy their good luck decorated rake (kumade) to bring prosperity in the coming year.

Then of course there were food stalls lining the streets in all directions. Here, making okonomiyaki.

and here, takoyaki - octopus balls, anyone?


  1. See and the food stalls look so clean and organized, you'd have no idea they were selling octopus balls. Do octopi have balls? I mean, I guess they do. And if we can eat bull balls in the states, then why not eat octopus balls? I'm rambling. Enjoyed your pics!

  2. Ooooo, lovely pictures, Nat! I love those kumades, they look so decorative! And I think I'll pass on the Octopus balls, thanks for asking tho'! ;)

  3. Adrienne, well, technically it's bits of the tentacles cut up and mixed with batter and then fried in the shape of balls, but I've got a really bizarre image in my mind now!

    Lotus, you sure? ;)
    Yes, they're very colourful and the place they sell them is very loud and festive. Quite fun to walk through.


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