Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bookmarks on offer

In addition to the New Year's cards, I also tried making a few bookmarks.
And now I'd like to offer them up to you, my fellow book bloggers, as a kind of thank you for all the fun bookishness over the last almost year. (I started this blog at the end of January 2006). So be forewarned, they're very much the work of an amateur, but if you'd be interested, please send me an email to my gmail address (see profile), and I'd love to send one (or two-I'm having ideas now for a spring version) your way.


  1. Not amateur at all, they're gorgeous! I'm loving mine, Nat. :)

  2. Wow, I'd love one - I can even read the kanji (just not in Japanese...)! They look amazing, thanks for the kind offer. And booklogged is right, they aren't amateur at all!

  3. They are really gorgeous! I've been having inspiration to make bookmarks lately too!

    I'd adore one of yours. I'm off to email you!

  4. I tried to send you an email, but I can't type, so I tried again. I hope you get this one.

  5. ooooh...me want!
    loved the new year's card (thx!)
    making anything greenish? me like green!

  6. Tanabata, these are beautiful. What a nice offer, too. You're a real sweetheart!

  7. Thanks everyone! I've had fun making them (says the one who is usually not at all crafty!) and it's nice to get positive comments!

    the traveller, and Carl - I couldn't find a contact email for you. If you don't mind, please send your mailing address to tanabata2000 at gmail dot com.

    MissSin - Hmmm, I was thinking of something pink for spring since I got a couple of cherry blossom stamps. Will have to see if any green inspiration comes!

  8. They look so professional, I kid you not. I'd love to have one please, Nat! Thank you very much for offering!

  9. These are gorgeous! What a great project (says she who is so not artistic!). May I put in a request for one from your spring line? ;)

    You know, you could bundle a set of four (one for each season) and sell them. They'd make a great gift for book-lovers. I know I'd buy some! Speaking of money, would you like something for your postage?

  10. Thanks Lotus and Les.
    I'm usually not very crafty or creative either, but this year I was inspired by all the great paper products here.

    Please don't worry about postage, it should be no more than a usual letter stamp, so in other words, not very much.


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