Wednesday, January 03, 2007

January 1st

Inaba Jinja in Gifu city on January 1st

(Hatsumode - the first shrine visit in the New Year)

And here is a sample of what we ate.

(Osechi ryori - traditional Japanese New Year's food)


  1. On viewing the picture of the shrine, with all the black haired heads in the front of it, I longed for a culture to which I really felt a part. I feel very isolated in America sometimes. Does that make sense?

    And the food: I'm half enchanted, half leery. Those circles with holes remind me of Swiss cheese, which of course they're not. Do you have trouble eating Japanese food, or are you an adventurous sort?

    Happy New Year, Bellezza

  2. Sorry you had trouble posting earlier , Bellezza.
    As for the holey thing in front, it's lotus root. I'm definitely not as adventurous as some, and there are certain things I stay away from. Luckily my husband likes almost everything and will eat what I don't like.

  3. Thanks for posting, and responding to, my comment. Blogger was acting funny yesterday. I'm intrigued to know that's lotus root. What an interesting array of foods there are.


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