Friday, January 05, 2007

O'Canada Challenge

Kailana set herself a Canada Challenge stating "I seem to collect more Canadian authors than I read." Those exact words could've come from me! Each year or so when I make it back to the homeland, I make a point of picking up some Canadian books, especially ones that may be a bit more difficult to get outside of Canada. There's always but the shipping costs are so ridiculous! So I eagerly choose as many books as I think I can lug back in my suitcase and then they just sit on my shelves, rarely getting read. So I've decided to join Kailana and read one book by a Canadian author a month or thereabouts, for a total of 12 for the year from the following, all of which I already own:

Surfacing - Margaret Atwood
Tamarind Mem - Anita Rau Badami
What the Body Remembers - Shauna Singh Baldwin
Forty Words for Sorrow - Giles Blunt
The Ash Garden - Dennis Bock
The Polished Hoe - Austin Clarke
A Sunday at the Pool in Kigali - Gil Courtemanche
The Jade Peony - Wayson Choy
HappinessTM - Will Ferguson
Hitching Rides with Buddha - Will Ferguson
Not Wanted on the Voyage - Timothy Findley
Pilgrim - Timothy Findley
The Piano Man's Daughter - Timothy Findley
Mouthing the Words - Camilla Gibb
The Petty Details of so-and-so's Life - Camilla Gibb
The Chorus of Mushrooms - Hiromi Goto
Three Views of Crystal Water - Katherine Govier
The Romantic - Barbara Gowdy
Am I Disturbing You? - Anne Hébert
The Lions of Al-Rassan - Guy Gavriel Kay
Goodnight Desdemona Good Morning Juliet - Ann-Marie MacDonald
No Great Mischief - Alistair MacLeod
The Birth House - Ami McKay
Red-Rose Chain - Jeffrey Moore
Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage - Alice Munro
the love of a good woman - Alice Munro
The City of Yes - Peter Oliva
Mercy Among the Children - David Adams Richards
The Bay of Love and Sorrows - David Adams Richards
Larry's Party - Carol Shields
The Republic of Love - Carol Shields
Unless - Carol Shields
Stanley Park - Timothy Taylor
Swing Low - Miriam Toews
The Last Crossing - Guy Vanderhaeghe


  1. Yay! So glad you are joining in. I look forward to reading your reviews!

  2. Stop me before I join another challenge! ;) I could try, though. I have some by Carol Shields, Ann-Marie MacDonald (actually reading her right now!), and Barbara Gowdy. AND, I really, really want to read The Birth House. So, while I won't join officially, I will make an effort to read more by Canadian authors.

  3. I have quite a bit of Findley and Atwood on my pile. While I didn't care for Unless, I need to give Shields another go sometime.

    Good luck with the challenge!

  4. Kailana - and I look forward to yours. It'll be great to finally read some of these Canadian books!

    Les - well, you don't have to challenge to read 12! You could set your own goal!! ;P

    Andi - Thanks Andi! I didn't really care for Shield's The Stone Diaries but really want to give her another go.

  5. *cringes* If you are going to give Carol Shields another go... maybe try something other than Unless. It was an okay book, but she has better.... Just my two cents. I think the one I liked was The Republic of Love, but I also liked The Stone Diaries enough that I have read all of Carol Shields novels... just, Unless is good, but not great. And that is just my opinion, of course

  6. oh dear, two votes against Unless at this point. Well, I do have The Republic of Love as well. I guess I'll wait and see how it goes. Thanks for the input Kailana.

  7. Wow, that's a great collection! I think I have a Findley, somewhere. I'll have to dig for it. :)

  8. Hey, I'm totally joining you on this challenge. I've got a bunch on my tbr that I've been neglecting. You've got some good ones on your list, too.

  9. bookfool - Let me know if you find it, and you're in the mood to read it together.

    Cath - Yay! I'm glad you're joining the challenge. BTW, is there anyway to comment at your blog without joining vox?

  10. Hey there! My ultimate favorite is LIVES OF GIRLS AND WOMEN by Alice Munroe. I would read that book 12 times for this challenge alone - it's that good.

  11. Nessie - lol! Well if I get through the 2 of hers that I've got already, and am wanting more, I know which one to get!!


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