Friday, January 05, 2007

Reading Goals 2007

Once again I have my book-a-week goal of 52 books for the year. As a personal goal I'd actually like to read 60 books this year. I only just managed to finish 52 last year and the closest I've gotten is 59 a couple of years ago, but I'd like to try to aim for 60 again.

More classics would be nice and I would like to read more books by Japanese and Canadian authors this year. (More on that coming up next).

Like last year, I will also continue to try to read more of the unread books in my teetering TBR stacks. Thanks to the many reading challenges (From the Stacks, Classics, Chunkster, TBR) I should get to several of them this year.

And most of all, I'm hoping for a year of good reads!!

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