Thursday, February 01, 2007

Breaking News!

Just saw this at Heather's!
And from Bloomsbury:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling will be published around the world in the English language on Saturday, 21st July 2007.

In making the announcement, J. K. Rowling's British publishers, Bloomsbury, said they are delighted at the prospect of publishing this most anticipated of books.

2007 marks the tenth anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. The Harry Potter series has gone on to sell 325 million copies worldwide and been translated into 64 languages. The last book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, sold 2,009,574* copies in the UK on the first day of its release, making it the fastest-selling book of all time. All six Harry Potter books have been number one bestsellers around the world.

Bloomsbury will be publishing their children's hardback edition (ISBN 978 0 7475 9105 4), an adult hardback edition (ISBN 978 0 7475 9106 1), as well as a special gift edition and, jointly with HNP, the audio book, read by Stephen Fry and released simultaneously for the first time. The standard hardbacks have a Recommended Retail Price of £17.99.

Sale of the book in all time zones is embargoed until 00:01 BST (British Summer Time) on Saturday 21st July 2007.

* Figures supplied by Nielsen Bookscan

Woohoo! I've been planning to reread all the books before the release of Book 7, so it looks like I better get started! Let's see, if I read the first 3 in the next 2 months, then one a month for April, May, June, that would put me right for Book 7 in July! Hmm, challenges, what challenges??? ;P


  1. I saw this on Heather's blog and commented that I plan to re-read all the books in June. I want them good and fresh in my mind by the end of July!

  2. I think, for me, it would be HP overload if I tried to read them all back to back and I'd hate to burn out on the story just before the new one! Besides, the last 3 are pretty hefty so I think it'll be good if I can space them a bit. Should be fun!

  3. Ah, you're probably right. Maybe I'll read one a month. That should work!

    By the way, do you mind if I steal your rating scale for my sidebar? I've gone back to using a scale of 5 rather than 10.

  4. No problem! It's not a perfect scale but it seems to work well enough for me. If you click on the link "Ratings Explained" that'll give you a bit more explanation.

  5. I'm so excited about this and yet sad. Sad because after #7 there will be no more.

    I've been thinking about re-reading the books. I need my Harry Potter fix RIGHT NOW :)


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