Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Imperial Palace- The Hall of Supreme Harmony

(Sapporo Snow Festival - February 2007)

The imperial palace (also known as the Forbidden City) in Beijing was the Chinese imperial palace during the mid-Ming and the Qing Dynasties. One of the most historically important buildings within the palace is the Hall of Supreme Harmony located at its central axis. The original hall was built in 1406, on the site where a part of the imperial city during the Yuan Dynasty once existed, by the Yongle Emperor who became known as Chengzu of Ming Dynasty soon after he moved the capital from Nanjing to Beijing. The imperial palace served as the seat of the Ming Dynasty from 1421 until 1644, when a peasant revolt invaded and razed it. The following Qing Dynasty reconstructed the palace and also occupied it. In 1912, after the fall of the Qing Dynasty, the imperial palace ceased being the political center of China with the abdication of Puyi, the last Emperor of China. Under an agreement signed between the Qing imperial house and the new Republic of China government, Puyi was, however, allowed to live within the walls of the Forbidden City. Puyi stayed in the Forbidden City until 1924, when Feng Yuxiang took control of Beijing in a coup. Denouncing the previous agreement with the Qing imperial house, Feng expelled Puyi. Soon after, the Palace Museum was established in the Forbidden City on October 10th in 1925.

*Blurb from the Snow Festival website.


  1. That is incredible! Did you have a good time at the snow festival?

  2. Brrr, it looks so cold! But I love the photographs you've shared. AND, I love your new header. Very, very nice, Nat!

  3. Yes, we had a good time. I'll have to post about it more soon.

    Les, thank you. I've been wanting to add a picture or something to my header for awhile but H finally had some time to sit down with me and give me some tips on the technical how-to. So this is just a first attempt but I think I'll leave it for awhile until I have time to tinker again!

  4. That is a beautiful photo! Glad to hear you had a good time and can't wait to hear more about it!


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