Tuesday, March 27, 2007

boy or girl?

We're thinking of getting a friend for Master Bailey. For those of you with experience of more than one cat, what's a better match for a rather big, playful male? Or does it matter?


  1. Depends. Is he fixed? We had a boy cat who was fixed and we got him a boy to play with. It took about a month, but they became great friends, so much so that when the second cat died after being struck by a car, the first mourned himself sick and finally died too. It was very sad. I miss them both so much.

    God, I hope that doesn't turn you off getting a Bailey friend! LOL Just trying to say that both my big, playful males got along famously!

  2. I wouldn't recommend a second male - think about getting a female. And be aware that there will be a period of hissing and spitting and back arching. Cats are notoriously territorial with "new" cats. If you get a kitten, be sure to supervise it with your male cat. Bigger cats may 'pick on' smaller cats. There will be an adjustment period for sure. Cats can be weird. We have a mother cat and her baby (the baby is now a year and 1/2 old). Whenever one of the cats has to go to the vet, and then comes home again, the other one spits and hisses (the vet tells us it is the smell of the vet that sparks this controversy). And these are cats that groom each other and sleep with each other...it usually takes several hours for them to be nice to each other again. Go figure!

  3. We've got two female cats but we didn't plan it that way - Daniel simply volunteered to take home a stray his teacher found, 12 years ago (Sunshine), and we happened to have gotten Miss Spooky from the Humane Society the year before. Female cats tend to fight. I hear boys get along better, but I've only had females.

  4. We just got a second cat. He is a 2 year old little kitty. We already had a fat, 12 year old girl kitty. She toleraters him and he tries to get her to play. Unsuccessfully. He also attacks the dog ad nauseum.

  5. Heather,
    Probably should've mentioned that. Yes, he's fixed. And he's a housecat (we're in a 3rd floor apartment).
    That's so sad about your boys!

    LOL. Yes, cats sure can be weird sometimes. Thanks for the advice. I was thinking that a smaller female wouldn't be good for the reason you mentioned- being bigger he may pick on her. Hmmm..

    In Canada I had a cat when I lived on my own, and my mom had a cat. Then when I moved to Japan, they both lived with my parents. Both female by the way. And they never got along. I had to find them new homes a few years ago. :(

    LOL. I can picture your cat trying to get her to play and her ignoring him! Bailey is very playful, always wanting us to play with him. So we'd really like another cat that is able to keep up with him.
    We'll have to see I guess.

  6. I have two girl cats--a stray and her baby (though she is not a baby anymore). I have heard that it is easier to introduce a kitten into a household that already has cat(s). Since he's fixed I'm not sure if it matters whether it is a male or female. It's nice he'll have a friend!

  7. Danielle,
    That's what I thought too. I wonder if he'd accidentally hurt a kitten by playing too rough. And he really is quite easy-going, I don't think he'd have too serious territorial issues.


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