Monday, March 12, 2007

Japanese bush warbler

Sometimes also translated as 'nightingale'. Known in Japanese as 'uguisu', it has many nicknames including 'hanami dori' ("spring-flower-viewing bird") which is quite appropriate here. Spotted in Matsuda at the cherry blossom festival we went to a couple of weeks ago.


  1. You know, I saw a tree overloaded with cherry blossoms on the way to work today. I've never noticed one in TX before. Now I wanna go rub all over it so I'll smell nice. Like Bath & Body Works, but cheaper!

  2. as usual - grade A pics!

    good job for the Japanese literature. I am looking forward to reading more Mishima. I also have a wierd inspiration to read all his works this winter. Lets see if my fancy is still tickeled then.

  3. Andi,
    LOL! L'Occitane just brought out a new cherry blossom line and I had to splurge!

    I've got Yushima's Spring Snow in my basket awaiting purchase. I hadn't realized it was the first in a series of 4 books.

  4. Is this your photograph? What a marvelous shot! I love your reading lists, by the way!

  5. Gorgeous! That looks so professional, Nat!

    I love L'Occitane's lavender products. I send hubby to get a refill, now and then (in Washington, D.C. - can't get it here, of course).

    LOL at Andi wanting to rub all over the tree.

  6. Nancy,
    How can you say that? Your bird pics are the professional looking ones!

    L'Occitane's stuff isn't cheap but it's so nice to splurge on! I used to order online sometimes in the UK, can you shop on the American site?

  7. What a fabulous picture! I love cherry blossoms....they are just so beautiful. Unfortunately, we don't have any in the area that I live, just cactus and palm trees.

    I'll have to check our L'Occitane's new line. I love their hand cream. A worthy splurge, for sure.


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