Wednesday, March 28, 2007

or maybe a rabbit...

I really appreciate the comments about your experiences and suggestions for a good friend for Bailey. But I had to chuckle. Here's a really trimmed down synopsis of the advice given so far:

2 boys good
2 boys bad
2 girls bad, boys better
2 girls ok
big age gap bad
don't get a kitten
do get a kitten

hee hee hee! Absolutely no offense intended, by the way!

I have a couple of friends who both have 2 male cats who are good friends.
Back home, we used to have 2 female cats who never got along.
Anyone out there with good or bad boy/girl combinations?

Bailey's actually pretty easy-going, and social, and he's fixed (forgot to mention this in the earlier post). He's still quite young as he's not yet 2. He loves to play and sometimes plays quite rough. A kitten is always cute and fun, and at first I thought this might be best since a kitten should have a lot of energy. But now I wonder if it may not be a good idea, as Bailey is fairly large. Basically I think we need a cat that can hold his/her own with Bailey and be able to keep up with him. Hmmm.


  1. When we got our second cat, Gabriel, he was a tiny kitten, only about 2 1/2 months old. We kept him separate for about 2 weeks, just letting my other cat, Salem (he was a year old) see him a few minutes at a time. When we finally released Gabriel to the rest of the house, Salem was pretty much used to him and ignored him for awhile. Once Gabriel was about 6 months old though, it was on! But Salem was surprisingly gentle with him, for all his rough and tumble ways.

    I guess it depends on the cats and their personalities really. Since Bailey is so easy going, he may surprise you.

  2. Everyone always has an opinion, don't they? *giggles*

    Well, if Bailey is neutered and still somewhat of a kitten, he might adapt more quickly to another cat. I don't think you *shouldn't* get a kitten, but if you do just know you should supervise carefully until they adjust to each other. Kittens grow pretty fast, so he/she would catch up to Bailey within a few months. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

  3. LOL, that could very well be the cutest picture EVER. I love

    I have absolutely no good advice to give, but I did want to thank you for the bookmarks!! I looooove them so so so so so much.

  4. Heather,
    You're right it truly does depend on their personalities. I'm pretty sure Bailey wouldn't be able to ignore another cat though- he's so so curious!

    Yup! :P And thank you. We'll see what the re-homing organization that we got Bailey from has and go from there I think.

    Andi, is great, isn't it? Never fails to lift me up if I'm in a grumpy mood! And you're welcome. I'm glad you received the bookmarks and like them. That's a lot of so's! Sorry again for the delay.

  5. Sounds like you have gotten lots of good advice--LOL (too bad it is all conflicting!). You could ask your vet--they probably can give you some good advice?

  6. Now when you say he plays a bit rough, I'm curious what that means, because Frankie's pretty rough when he plays. When he gets riled up, he likes to bite Rod's forearm. We've tried shaking an empty soda can with a few coins inside to annoy him out of the bad behavior, but he still insists on attacking Rod. And it's obvious he's playing. Just not in an acceptable manner.

    Love stuffonmycat!

  7. LOL Heather!

    Since we'll be getting a 2nd cat also from the re-homing place we got Bailey, they'll let us have a trial period to make sure they get along. So we'll just have to see how it goes.

    I guess I just mean that when he gets going he doesn't seem to notice what or who's in his way. If I haven't had a chance to trim his claws for a few days (usually can only get him to stay still for this if he's sleeping), I've ended up with pretty deep cuts on my hands where he's accidentally swiped at them to get at whatever toy I'm holding. Or he'll jump after things and not pay attention to where he's going and crash into things. So he just seems like such a rough and tumble 'guy' sometimes!

  8. Bailey sounds a bit like Frankie. I swear, sometimes when he comes running down the stairs from the bedrooms, it sounds like we have a five-year-old child in the house!

  9. I had to go back to see which of those opinions I fit under! Oh, yeah. Well, that makes sense, right (2 girls bad, boys better . . . or so I hear).

    Melissa on my *other* reading listserv has something on the order of 6 or 8 cats and she just keeps bringing in new ones. She recently got one boy kitten and then decided he needed a buddy, but they're around the same age. Gosh, I don't know! But, I think Heather may be on the right track. Bailey seems to have a nice, laid-back personality so he may do just fine. Then, again, Miss Spooky is mild-mannered but she hated Sunshine from the moment we brought her in the door. And, yet, sometimes we'll catch them almost snuggling when it's cold outside.

    Personally, I kind of hope you end up with a second kitty because I love your cat photos!!! Selfish, eh?

  10. Les,
    LOL! I can imagine. As much as Bailey can be naughty or demanding, we can't help but forgive him- he's so cute! :P

    Totally condensed for effect, sorry. And we most likely will be getting a second cat, just hadn't decided which yet. So I'm sure there'll be more photos once we do!


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