Monday, March 26, 2007

sweet dreams (2)

Remember that Amazon box?


  1. What is it about cardboard?

    I received my bookmarks Saturday! I don't care what you say, I think they are perfect! I almost hate to use them, but I will! Thank you SO much!

  2. Sweet, Tanabata, my beautiful bookmarks came today. I'm so delighted and will enjoying using them. Thank-you!

  3. Oh, too cute! He's such a photogenic cat, too, isn't he?

    I just received my spring bookmark! Thank you so much, Nat! It's beautiful!!!

  4. I love it!! So cute! :) I really wish I could have a cat...unfortunately my husband is allergic to cats.

  5. Heather,
    yes he sure loves his cardboard! And I'm glad you like them.

    You're very welcome.

    Although because he's basically all-white the camera sometimes has trouble focusing. Guess he throws off the white balance! We think he's pretty cute though. :P

    We both have allergies but luckily(?) it's to pollen not to cats!

  6. How do cats manage to wedge themselves into the smallest possible spaces and look entirely comfortable??

  7. He's back in the box sleeping right now. He loves it! It's his favourite place to sleep these days!

  8. Awww, isn't that the cutest! :)

    Nat, the bookmarks arrived yesterday and they are stunning!!! You have done such an AMAZING job! Thank you so very much for sharing some with me. You know, you make me want to take up stamping,however, I will never be as good as you!

    Thanks once again for sending me those bookmarks, I am going to get so much pleasure using them!

  9. Lotus,
    Really you are too kind! But you're very welcome and I am glad you'll enjoy using them. :)

  10. I'm sure a white cat would throw off the white balance with my camera, too. Anything bright tends to do that. I play around with aperture and shutter settings a lot when I'm trying to catch something bright. Dandelions were actually kind of tricky, for some reason.


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