Saturday, April 21, 2007


..and just plain annoying!!
I thought about having a mini rant but adekun has written a much more diplomatic post about it. I'll just say Thank Goodness the election is tomorrow! Click on his name above to read about election campaigning- Japanese style.
The local candidates (all 55 of them!) for City Council.


  1. ti hi ;-) I can remember the noise coming from those cars ;-)

    close to 30 years later and they are still at it ;-)

    thank you for your comment at my blog

    was unpacking books today (not a task quickly accomplished ;-) !) and when I lifted What I Loved out of the box I was yet again moved by the fact that you got that for me :-)

    very kind, generous, thoughtful and sweet :-) !

    love C

  2. Oh I am so glad it is Sunday now and the people have stopped yelling there names over and over again through megaphones!!!

  3. Do what I do and jam my fingers in my ears as soon as I hear the screeching sound of an election van.

    Lots of people stare but I don't care. If I was eligible to vote I would totally go for the candidate who refrained from employing a load of 20 year old girls in short skirts to lean out of the windows of a mini van and screech in high pitched Japanese how great s/he is.

    Sorry I just ranted in your comments box.

    Good luck in holding out til tomorrow.

  4. Cathrine,
    Again you're very welcome! :)
    Hope the unpacking goes smoothly.

    You and me both!!

    No worries- rant away!
    I 'forbid' H to vote for the guy that had the most annoying most frequent messages. It may work for the Japanese but blasting his name numerous times a day is a pretty sure way to LOSE my vote. So glad it's over, for now.

  5. It did turn into a bit of a whinge. I’m finding so many things here deemed the norm to be opposite to my expectations. Even today, I wondered why the incumbent PM is the star in a commercial. I guess it will take some adjusting to.
    Presently, have to tend to Kento as the local air force is practicing their sorties overhead for the upcoming air show (end of May). It’s probably good he gets used to all this early on.

  6. 55? Holy crap. We practically have to beg people to be on our city council!

  7. Adekun,
    'Normal' sure is relative isn't it? I haven't seen the ad, too funny. Totally generalising here but Japanese politics seems to be more about popularity than anything else.

    Well it was 56 but the poster for #41 was off on many of the boards so whether they dropped out or someone just stole the posters is anyone's guess. :P

  8. You know, Nat, I cannot help but think how neatly the candidates' posters have been glued to the walls...looks like art. The noise is quite another thing, though. My sympathies! :)

    Nat, I have chosen you for a restaurant tag because I thought it would be fun to learn about some of the restauarants in your area of Japan. Ofcourse, I will understand completely if you're not able to do it, let me know!

  9. Lotus,
    Luckily it's over for now so it's back to the usual traffic noises and other city sounds.
    I'll take you up on your meme but let me have a think. We tend not to eat out anywhere fancy and a couple of our favourite restaurants disappeared while we were living in England.


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