Sunday, April 01, 2007

cherry blossom mania

The Japanese adore cherry blossoms! During this season the weather report even includes the state of the sakura across the country. They're now in full bloom in Tokyo so this weekend people came out in droves to celebrate spring.
Hanami parties yesterday in Oji.

Today in Ueno Park.


  1. How pretty! I love seeing your pictures :)

  2. It's so fun to come to your site and see this lovely tradition. The trees are beautiful. Does the crowd seem a bit pressing, though?

  3. Beautiful!

    I have to wait at least another month for it to reach Hokkaido.

    Snow is melting though.

  4. Nice pictures. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm going to have to spend a little time reading your archives. :)

  5. Thanks Kailana.
    I hope you like cherry blossoms as I've got a few more to share over the next little while.

    We didn't stay there very long- too many people. That's one thing about Japan though, especially Tokyo, it's pretty hard to find someplace calm and free of people.

    Something to look forward to. :)

    And thanks for stopping by here. :)

  6. S0 GORGEOUS! I'm wearing my Japanese Cherry Blossom perfume today in honor. ;)

  7. Wow! What a crowd! I don't think I'd want to stick around very long, either. The trees are very pretty, but TOO many people. Kind of reminds me of all the people stopping along the side of the freeways in Texas just to get pictures of all the bluebonnets. I always thought that was a bit dangerous, especially with the way some Texans drive (Iliana and Andi excluded, of course!). :)

  8. LOL Andi! You must smell so lovely! :P

    Too many people is right. That wasn't our main destination though luckily and where we wandered around was relatively less crowded. More pics to come.

  9. Wow, I can't believe the crowd! The trees are gorgeous, though. Interesting that there are two tall guys who really stand out - very touristy looking, esp. the one with the backpack, on the left.

  10. Nancy,
    Yup, the foreigners standing above everyone else are easy to spot. And spring is one of the best times to visit Japan I think.

  11. Wow....I wish I was there. So beautiful. I just love cherry blossoms.


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