Wednesday, April 04, 2007

prayer sticks

Yanaka Cemetery


  1. what does one do with a prayer stick? Never heard of this before....

    lovely picture, though....

  2. Lisa,
    As far as I know, they 'guard the grave'. You see lots of them sticking up around the tombstones in cemeteries. It seems that often they have Buddhist sutras written on them. But since Japan also has Shinto, they can have writings connected to that as well. I really don't know about the religious customs, especially those pertaining to death, in much detail, sorry.

  3. oh very interesting...your photography is just wonderful. I really enjoy it...

  4. Nat, I have learned so much about Japan and Japanese culture from your blog...I really would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing all of this with us. It is wonderful experiencing Japan through you and your blog!

  5. Aw thanks Lotus! I'm just glad someone enjoys hearing about it!
    And thanks for all your comments today. :)


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