Friday, April 06, 2007

Thinking Blogger

When the lovely Nancy nominated me as a Thinking Blogger, I wrote up a long post but then deleted it after only about a day. Well, I have just been nominated again, this time by the equally lovely kookiejar.
I'm not quite sure why this "award"/meme bothers me so much but I just don't feel comfortable with singling out 5 blogs. Like I mentioned to Nancy, it reminds me of gym class. And picking teams. Sure it's fine when your friend is a captain and picks you first. But someone has to be picked last.
So let me just say thank you very much to both of you for nominating me. I'm very pleased that you enjoy reading my blog, as I do yours. I enjoy reading all the blogs that I do for different reasons, including the ones I comment on sometimes, and the ones I just lurk at. And it's everyone's different perspectives and approaches that make the blogosphere a very fun place to be. I look forward to many more wonderful posts from all of you!


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