Friday, April 13, 2007

weather blues and Grey's Anatomy

I'm so sick of the weather we've been having recently. If it's not rainy and miserable, it is So Bloody Windy!! Today was a windy day and I'm tired of having dust and pollen blasted into my eyes and mouth. And let's not even discuss the bad hair days to accompany that damn wind. Blah!

Plus today I finished watching Season Two of Grey's Anatomy, which I've been watching rather intensively the last couple of weeks, and I'm emotionally drained. In real life I hate, or at least dislike strongly, doctors and hospitals so what IS it about hospital dramas? Anyway, thanks Les for the gentle nudge to try it- I'm hooked! Guess I'll be buying Season Three along with Season 3 of House in a few months.


  1. I hear you on the weather, but we are still getting blasted snow! It snowed again last night. And then today it is raining. We haven't even hit the pollen stage yet. It's supposed to "April showers", not April snow. And not little snowfalls either.

    I am not a big fan of Grey's Anatomy, too soap-operish for me. I prefer House or ER, but I rarely watch either.

  2. Sounds like you could just as easily be in Utah as Japan. Ugh...the wind!

  3. Are you sure you're not enjoying all the gray weather from Illinois? You just described what we've been enduring perfectly. I've never seen Grey's Anatomy although our neighbors love it. I do enjoy House though, what a great sarcastic mouth he has. He says what I think, but am often too afraid to express out loud.

  4. Kailana,
    Your weather sounds pretty yucky. Hope you get some spring weather soon. Although of course since we didn't have any this winter, snow sounds quite nice to me. :P
    I've been a longtime fan of ER but it's not showing in Japan (well technically only old episodes from many many years ago nothing current) so I'm a couple of seasons behind now. Love House as you know. Grey's Anatomy is quite soap opera-ish but for some reason I quite like it and the characters. Plus I'm not really watching anything else in the soap opera vein so I'm enjoying it.

    Ugh is right. Really not liking the wind, making it hard to even walk down the street. Today seems a bit calmer though, yay.

    LOL. Seems like everywhere is windy lately. I resisted G.A. at first since I'd heard it was rather more like a soap opera, but when I ran out of House episodes to watch on DVD I tried it, and quite liked it. Like I said to Kailana, since I don't really watch anything else like it, it's fun. And I've totally gotten to care about the characters.

  5. I think that would be the hardest part of living abroad for me...not being caught up with TV. I practically have spasms if I miss one episode of 'Lost'. ;)

  6. Kookiejar,
    It is a bit annoying sometimes, especially when I hear teasers about what's happening in the current seasons of things. But at least nowadays many shows do put out DVDs so at least I can catch up on the ones I really want to see. Of course H grumbles a bit now that the DVD rack is overflowing. :P

  7. I know exactly how you feel about the wind. It's terrible in Nebraska. Enough to put me in a very foul mood several times during the spring. Even my poor MiniCooper hates it. I'd only owned the car a couple of weeks when we had a terrible wind storm and a shopping cart was blown up against the driver's side and left a big ding in the door. I was livid at the wind and at the STUPID Target customer that didn't put the cart in the shopping cart enclosure. Grrrrr.

    At least we didn't get the snow that was supposed to hit yesterday. And, thankfully, my daughter (and her car or apartment) wasn't hurt
    in the tornado that touched down in Fort Worth yesterday. I hope Andi and Iliana are ok, too!

    Anyhow... Glad you're enjoying Grey's Anatomy. We've only seen the first two seasons and are anxiously awaiting the next dvd release. That season finale was pretty sad, wasn't it. I bawled like I actually knew these people.

  8. Oh, dear, I returned the first season of Grey's Anatomy to the library without getting around to watching it. Guess I'll have to try, again. I know just what you mean about doctors and hospitals. I think we see bits that we want to be real in those TV shows - the sweet bedside manner of one or the determination to find a cure of another. House, for all his flaws, cares about a positive end result, doesn't he?

    My eyes have been burning for a week or two; sorry you're getting that, too. Our weather has been amazing, though. Wish you could hop a plane and visit while it's nice; it won't last long!

  9. Les,
    Yup, wind can make me pretty grumpy too and lately it seems like it's ALWAYS windy. (sigh) Glad no one was hurt in the tornado!
    About Grey's Anatomy- I was crying too! Actually there were a few episodes that got to me in Season 2. I've really come to care about these characters for some reason. I'll be looking forward to the DVD release. :)

  10. Nancy,
    I'd love to come visit! :) I know what you mean about it not lasting long. It's already starting to get too warm for me, soon I'll be just wanting to hide inside with the air conditioner all the time.
    Good point about the hospital dramas- how they are what we wish were true. There probably are good doctors and hospitals in real life, I've just not had the 'pleasure'! ;P

  11. I do volunteer work for the Emergency Department of our local hospital and for a long time friends have been telling me that I should watch "Grey's Anatomy" (they think it's right up my alley) but I have never watched it, not even a single episode..I do watch "House" however.

    But your post is perhaps just the nudge I need..I am seriously considering buying or renting the first couple of seasons.

  12. Lotus,
    The first season was only 9 or 10 episodes. Might be worth renting as it'll give you an idea of what the show is like. (nudge, nudge) ;P
    Season 2 is a full season and really develops the characters. I've found it quite addicting.


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