Saturday, May 19, 2007

8 Things

Bookgirl has tagged me for an 8 Random Facts/Habits About Me meme. MissSin also tagged me for a 5 Things About Me That People Don't Know meme a little while back that I haven't gotten around to doing. So I hope no one minds but I'm going to combine them into 8 Random Things You May or May Not Know About Me (and May or May Not Find Interesting).

-I used to play the piano. I started around age 5 I think and quit around age 15. I was never brilliant but I did win a medal once at the local music festival playing a duet with a friend.

-My mother never let me pierce my ears. She said I could when I turned 18. By that time I no longer cared, and have never bothered.

-I'm a bit claustrophic. I start to feel panicky if I'm in a small enclosed space.

-I collect the Japan city series of Starbucks mugs (scroll to the bottom of the link for the Asian ones) of places we've been. So far I have Yokohama, Kyoto, Sendai, Sapporo, and Saitama. There is a Tokyo one of course but I haven't bought it because I don't really like the design. (Hover over the city names to see the mugs courtesy of snapshots). I also have a couple of nationwide limited edition ones that are actually very pretty. I only collect the Japanese ones because they're kind of fun and arty. I've never bothered with the England versions or the Canadian ones. Besides being, to me, boring (at least the ones I've seen, mainly skyline ones), they're simply too big.

-When I spent a year in France and attended high school there, we had to take notes in class with fountain pens.

-I have a thing for paper. Of course books (although not newsprint so much), but after bookstores, stationery stores are the next best thing. I also worked for many years at Hallmark Cards, and I LOVE Japanese paper products.

-The fact that I really hate summer in Tokyo is nothing new. It's the humidity that does me in. But I seriously wasn't made for hot climates, with my pale skin and light-coloured eyes I'm constantly squinting and seeking shade. So except for a couple of family vacations as a child, I've never gone on a beach holiday.

-Gilbert Blythe was my first literary crush.

Since it seems to have mostly done the rounds, if you haven't already done this and would like to, please consider yourself tagged.


  1. I'm so glad you decided to play along. I thought your answers were very interesting. :-) Stationary and card stores are my second favorite shopping spots also.

  2. Yes, I found your 8 facts very interesting! When you spent a year in France were you an exchange student? Love the Starbucks mugs! And I think I still have a crush on Gilbert Blythe...

  3. A fantastic list. The mugs look awesome! We don't have Starbucks in Aust.

    Your site is looking oh-so pretty. I love the coloured text and snapshot feature.

  4. I rather love the mug from Yokohama (which is a funny coincidence because that's my mom's birthplace) and the one from Sapporo is also lovely. I didn't even know they put things like that out.

  5. I love paper, too. Somewhere around here, I still have the screen for papermaking, but I don't do crafty things, anymore (unless you count making laminated bookmarks out of my own photos).

    Apparently, I haven't visited you in a while! I hadn't seen your wisteria and I love, love, love your new header. Gorgeous!!!

  6. I completely forgot to say, "Yes!" It's the humidity that's a killer. I was not cut out for the combination, either. I've worn the darkest possible sunglasses I can find for as long as I can remember. I can't even walk to the mailbox without them!

  7. Literary Feline,
    Well thanks. :) I have a hard time not buying anything when I go into stationery stores!

    Yes, I lived with a host family for a year and attended high school. I'd actually already finished high school in Canada so it was like an extra year but I didn't have to worry about my grades.
    You know I still have all my Anne books, the beat up ones I read as a child, and really should read some of them again one of these days.

    Thanks. No Starbucks? I know some people don't like it but I'm a fan, especially since they are smoke-free and many other coffee shops here allow smoking.

  8. Kookiejar,
    The Yokohama one was my first one I think. It and the Kyoto one I got last time we lived here so over 6 years ago. The rest are new additions since we've been back.

    I've never tried to make paper; I'm happy to admire the wonderful colours and textures of Japanese washi. Sure, laminated bookmarks are crafty! And thank you for the gushing! :P
    I need to buy some decent sunglasses this year. The only ones I have at the moment are cheap ones that only help a very little.

  9. gawd...know what you mean about the humidity.
    already beginning to feel it seeping into the air like an invisible but malignant force. kind of like the dementors from harry potter...

  10. I can see why you don't like the Tokyo mug as much as the others. Here's hoping that they'll come out with a new one that's better.

    Try California's far north coast some time, or the Oregon coast, for a nice foggy, cold, not sunny-bright, beach holiday. I definitely prefer it up there. LOL

    Good stationery stores rock.

  11. MissSin,
    Yes, great comparison! I can't imagine (well I can but try not to) what it'll be like a month from now once rainy season sets in!

    That's the kind of beach holiday that I would enjoy. I love being able to walk by the ocean when I'm back visiting Victoria, but much the same as Oregon it's never too hot there.

  12. too with the crush and even more after the movie.

  13. Heather,
    Nice to 'see' you! :)

  14. Those mugs are cool! I love paper products, too, though I feel like these days I have too much stuff and need to do some serious cleaning out of my house (never books, though!). It can get very humid where I live, too. I am dreading the summer as well!

  15. Danielle,
    I need to do some serious cleaning/sorting too one of these days. As for summer, humidity really is the worst, isn't it?

  16. Nat, I have really enjoyed reading your responses! This meme has been excellent in that it has allowed us to get to know our blogger friends that much better!

    I am claustrophobic, too! I even start to get panicky if I spend too long at a bookstore. I start to feel closed in by all those huge bookcases!

    France must have been an awesome experience...I must look into a student exchange program for my high schooler.

    I love Japanese paper products too, they are truly wonderful I could spend hours admiring them.

    Love those Starbucks mugs...the Kyoto mug was my favorite. Don't blame you for not enjoying the North American ones, they are rather boring in comparison!

  17. Lotus,
    Thanks. I has been interesting to read everyone's list.
    Living in France for that year was a fantastic experience, and was the beginning of my lust for experiencing other cultures. I still keep in touch with the family even after all these years.

  18. Oh, Gilbert! How could one not fall in love with him?

    I didn't even know Starbucks did themed mugs ... the Japanese ones are very pretty!

    I spent a good amount of my babysitting money on paper in my teens. I loved all the different styles and designs, and since I had about 20 penpals, I got to put it all to good use. :)

  19. Lesley,
    The sad thing is that while I love paper and pretty stationery and all that, I very rarely write an actual letter anymore.

  20. i don't have pierced ears either - and i know of only two other adult women (besides you!) who don't have pierced ears - and one of those two is my mom!

  21. Alisonwonderland,
    Thanks for stopping by. It's rare to find women without pierced ears, isn't it? Besides you, a good friend of mine doesn't, my mom didn't, but other than that I can't think of anyone else!

  22. Too cute about Gilbert Blythe! I had a literary crush on him too when I was little. And funny about the ear-piercing. Waiting until 18 is definitely a long time. I had to wait until 13, but I went the opposite way. In college I had 4 holes on one side and three on the other. :)

  23. Camille,
    Ah, Gilbert! I think there was a year or so when all my friends were getting their ears pierced and I really wanted to too. But later it didn't seem so important. Do you still have all yours?


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