Saturday, May 05, 2007

'The Bride's Kimono'

by Sujata Massey

Avon Books (Harper Collins) mass market paperback, 378 p.

5th book in the Rei Shimura series

(Book #16 for 2007)
Antiques dealer Rei Shimura has managed to snag one of the most lucrative and prestigious jobs of her career: a renowned museum in Washington, D.C., has invited her to exhibit rare kimonos and give a lecture on them. Accompanied by a gaggle of Japanese office ladies bent on a week of shopping, Rei lands in the capital. But her big break could ultimately break her. Within hours one of the kimonos is stolen, and then Rei’s passport is discovered in a shopping mall dumpster – on the dead body of one of the Japanese tourists. Trouble is only beginning, though, for now Rei’s parents have arrived and so has her ex-boyfriend. To track down the kimono and unmask a killer, Rei’s got to do some clever juggling, fast talking, and quick sleuthing, or this trip home could be her last.
It was fun to catch up with Rei and the trouble she always seems to find herself in. This book was set in the US instead of Japan, and a few references already seemed a bit dated, but I quite enjoyed it. I popped it in my bag to read on the train a couple of days ago but ended up reading it at home too. It’s an easy read and I kept saying to myself ‘just one more chapter’! I was in the mood for something fun and light though so it fit my mood perfectly. I look forward to reading the next in the series.

My Rating: 3.5/5


  1. I used to be a fan of the series. The books were light reading but entertaining. However I stopped reading the latest ones because they are set in the States. I missed the descriptions of Japan.

  2. My list of mysteries I want to read is humungus, but I added this one any way. What excuse is left?

  3. Iliana,
    I remembered that you'd said that about the series- losing interest with the ones not set in Japan. So I was wary when I started but I ended up quite enjoying it. I still like how each book focuses on some aspect of Japanese culture or history. I'm curious about the next one as it seems to be about 'comfort women'.

    I can relate. I've got several firsts of mystery series that I haven't gotten to yet. Someday. Was it you who was thinking of having a Mystery challenge?

  4. Tanabata, my mother (who still hasn't gotten the hang of leaving comments) wanted me to tell you that she really enjoys your blog. She was born in Japan and lived there until she was adopted by an American couple, so she really loves the pictures. And now she wants to read "The Bride's Kimono". Thanks. That should keep her busy. ;)

  5. Thanks Kookiejar's Mom! :)
    How interesting! Has she ever been back to Japan?

  6. No, she hasn't had the opportunity, but she would really like to.


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