Friday, May 18, 2007

going purple

As you can see I've been fiddling with my template today. Whaddaya think? Thanks to these clear and easy to follow instructions, I now have 2 sidebars, instead of the one long and unwieldy one. That meant it was also time for a new, wider banner. The wisteria (I have a thing for purple flowers) picture I used was taken 2 weeks ago at Hama Rikyu Garden in Tokyo.
Next up, some housekeeping. Specifically organising and updating my blogroll and a few other little tweakings. Sadly it's much more fun than the actual housekeeping, laundry, dishes, etc. etc. that need doing around here.

Otherwise I haven't got a lot of reading done this week. I'm only a few chapters into White Teeth, but I am enjoying it so far. It's a chunkster though so I'm sure I'll be reading it for some time to come. Hopefully I'll get some reading time in this weekend.
What's everyone else reading right now?


  1. "A Million Little Pieces" James Frey, and crying a lot. It's a heartbreaking read :(

  2. I love the wisteria.

    I like the idea of having links on one side and challenge lists on the other, but it seems like a lot of print to take in at once. I guess I'm just not used to it yet.

  3. Such pretty purple! I have three good books going on right now but can't seem to make any progress. I'm looking forward to the weekend and hopefully some uninterrupted reading time. Hope you can catch up on your reading this weekend.

  4. I love wisteria--it's one of my favorites, and looks great on your header! Also, thanks for the instructions on getting a second sidebar--I was wondering how to do that...

  5. I think it looks lovely. And I love wisteria! It's blooming all over the place here in North Carolina!

  6. Your template changes are very nice! I love the new header.

  7. Brit,
    Oh dear! I know many people have been moved by it but I've never felt compelled to read it either before or after the scandal. You'll have to read something happy next. :)

    I may still fiddle with the order of things and I like not having a long, endless single sidebar. Hope it's not too busy though and that you'll still visit!

    Thanks. Looks like it's supposed to rain here tomorrow so maybe we'll just have a slow day and read. That would suit me anyway. Hope you get in some reading time too.

  8. Gentle reader,
    Thank you, and no problem! :)

    Thanks. It's purple season now with the wisteria and hopefully soon the irises.

    Thank you. :)

  9. I like the look. :-) Having two sidebars is a great idea. I may have to look into that. Have fun with the "housekeeping." I have to do the real kind today. :-S

  10. I LOVE the wisteria header. The two sidebars are awesome, too. Cool new look!

  11. Literary Feline,
    Thanks. I did do some of the real kind of housekeeping today. Just not as much as I probably should've. Good luck with yours.

    Thank you. The wisteria has proven very popular. :)

  12. Nice new look. I'm currently reading Paul Auster's "New York Trilogy" and W-A-A-A-Y behind on blog posting. :(

  13. Great changes and thank you so much for sharing the link. I've got some experimenting to do. Your heads up about Bedbugs, Books & Baguettes (did I get that in thr right order?) was great! We actually have a copy at my bookstore so I'm going to get it tomorrow. Currently I'm reading a travel narrative called Eurydice Street and a William Gibson book All Tomorrow's Parties aswell as some texts for uni.

  14. CdnReader,
    I really enjoyed The New York Trilogy when I read it. I need to read some more Auster one of these days.

    Thanks! B,B & B has had some mixed reviews but I hope that it'll be fun to read. I hope to get to it this year but you know how that goes. Let me know what you think of it.

  15. The wisteria is breathtaking. I just made a banner for my own blog but I don't really like it. I'll probably change it in a few days.

  16. Nancy,
    It's kinda fun to play with my photos to make a banner. With all your beautiful photos I'm sure you'll find one you like. :)

  17. I tried following the instructions on the link but alas, I'm not talented enough to spiff up my blog. I pretty much butchered my header before reverting back to the original.

  18. Acquisitionist,
    I'm sorry the instructions on the link didn't work well for you. I have to admit that I used them for creating the additional sidebar, H had already set me up for putting in my own header.
    But I just discovered that Blogger now allows you to upload a picture directly into your header by simply editing the template. So if that's what you're wanting you don't need to deal with the HTML at all. Good luck with it.


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