Wednesday, May 16, 2007

'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'*

by J.K. Rowling

Fiction/Fantasy, 1997
Bloomsbury paperback, 218 p.
Book #1 in the Harry Potter series

(Book #18 for 2007; Book #1 for M&N's Summer 7 Challenge)

What a wonderful world J.K. Rowling has created in these books! It was fun to revisit the beginning when Harry just discovers he’s a wizard and all that entails, his first visit to Diagon Alley, and to Hogwarts, to meet all the other characters again for the first time, and of course Harry's first encounter with Voldemort.
‘Call him Voldemort, Harry. Always use the proper name for things. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.’
My Rating: 4/5

As part of my Harry Potter reread-a-thon, I’m also watching the films again. So yesterday I watched the movie of
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone*. They all look so young!! By watching it so close to reading the book I definitely noticed the little changes throughout, but it was still fun to watch. I’m looking forward to more Harry Potter.

*Yes both my book and DVD (in fact all my Harry Potter books and DVDs) are the British
original versions. :P

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