Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Kamakura Pasta

The Restaurant Meme got us craving some of those foods. We've already gone out for sushi this week, although it was just to a local shop, not the one I wrote about. But today we decided to go to Kamakura Pasta. (sorry the pics are little dark)Something I forgot to mention before, in keeping with Japanese style, you take your shoes off when you enter, and the pasta is eaten with chopsticks.Their basil bread is very yummy!
We'd never had it before but after mentioning it we decided to try it this time. Here's the sukiyaki beef pasta.
And a more typical dish- carbonara but with nanohana (rape blossoms/canola).
I wonder what we'll have tomorrow...


  1. Looks good! I am craving Japanese eel right now - there are no Japanese restaurants near where I live, and I don't even know if anywhere makes good eel in the UK anyway!

  2. That's very interesting with the egg in the middle. Doesn't that make the pasta even more slippery? As if the chopsticks weren't enough of a challenge.

  3. You know, I love fried eggs on toast, with the yolk still intact, but somehow, this big yellow yolk does not look appetizing. Silly, eh?

  4. Speaking of food, I finally did the meme!!! It was soo much fun.

  5. The Traveller,
    I'm not too crazy about eel but of course H loves it. I can't remember now though whether he found any decent Japanese eel in London or not.

    I actually don't eat the raw egg, but I imagine it might make it more slippery. You kind of get used to using chopsticks for all kinds of things though.

    It's not appetizing to me either, but then I don't like runny yolks anytime. So H got 2 yolks yesterday for his pasta! ;P

    Thanks for playing. It's sure to make me hungry!

  6. Oh, that all looks so good (with the exception of the egg yolk).

  7. Lesley,
    I completely agree. Not all the dishes come with a raw egg and luckily when they do H is willing to have mine.

  8. Those are gorgeous pictures, Nat...I love the orange tablemats. And oh, I was really intrigued by the restaurant's name until I realized it was Kamakura and not Kamasutra! ;)

    The basil bun does look yummy...I will have to go in search of some. I really do love my bread!

    And thank you for the picture of the sukiyaki beef pasta..I was telling some Italian friends about it and they were quite amused! :)

  9. The food looks very interesting. Not sure about that raw egg yolk though. How long have you been in Japan?

  10. Lotus,
    You're welcome. :)
    And LOL on thinking the name was kamasutra. Kamakura is actually the name of a city to the south of Tokyo, so I assume it's where the restaurant started. It's also a very traditional city so that makes sense since the pasta is very much to the Japanese taste.

    Hi Lynne,
    This time around we've been back in Japan for about a year and a half. But I also lived in Japan from 1998-2002.


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