Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Reading Update: April

Well April was considerably better than March!

Books completed: (clicking on the title will take you to my review)
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke (Chunkster & TBR)
The Shipping News - Annie Proulx (TBR)
Comfort Woman - Nora Okja Keller (Reading Matters)
The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood (Banned & O'Canada)

Progress on my Reading Challenges to date:
(clicking on the Challenge will take you to my original challenge book list to see what I have read and should be reading)
Chunkster Challenge = 2 done, 2 more to go
Banned Book Challenge = 2 done, 3 to go
Since these 2 challenges finish at the end of June, I'll be trying to focus on the remaining books on these lists this month and next.

TBR Challenge = 3 done, 9 to go
Japan Challenge = 2 done, 10 to go
O'Canada Challenge = 1 done, 11 to go
I finally read my 1st Canadian book this year- yay! Of course it's not actually one of the many books in my TBR stacks since I got this through Bookcrossing, but it's still a book by a Canadian author, at last!

And of course both the
Non-Fiction Five Challenge and M&N's Summer 7 Challenge have started now that it's May. So I'll be starting my Harry Potter reread extravaganza soon.

Favourite book read in April? Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. So on that note, a picture of one of the wonderful illustrations in the book by Portia Rosenberg.


  1. Glad to hear how much you enjoyed Jonathan Stranage... It just showed up from bookmooch. It's a chunkster for sure!

  2. You are doing great!

    I like the way you've organized your progress report. I might have to start doing mine something like that. It's cute.

  3. booklogged,
    Nice mooch. I read the hardback which was very heavy!!

    Thanks. I'm behind on most of them but I still have hope. First time I did it this way, glad you liked it.

  4. Oh I like how you did your update and included your progress on the challenges. I'll have to follow your lead and remember to do that next time :)

  5. Thanks Iliana.
    Since I actually made a little progress this month in the reading challenges I thought I'd include that. :)

  6. Strange and Norrell was eerily wonderful, wasn't it?


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