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Sunday, June 10, 2007

after the rain

It was a pretty wet and thundery weekend here but it stopped this afternoon and we got out to enjoy the cool, fresh air. Having felt rather cooped up and surrounded by dusty concrete lately, it was much needed!


  1. That purple is a treat for my eyes. Thanks

  2. gorgeous hydrangea! Thanks for the pictures.

  3. Ah, the あじさい!!I love this type of Hydrangeas. Is it season for them already? A little bit early for 梅雨?

  4. Kookiejar,
    I love purple flowers! Good season for them right now.

    Gentle Reader,
    I love the bursts of purple showing up everywhere.

    They're starting to bloom all over the place. They predict that the rainy season is a bit delayed this year but soon.

  5. Those pictures are incredible.

  6. I wish, oh I wish, it would rain in NC. Of course when I move here it begins to flood in Texas and NC goes bone dry. Blahhh.

  7. :) I love the purple, too, but both are gorgeous.

  8. Oooh!!!!! I love those raindrops!!

  9. Beautiful photos!

    We haven't had any decent rainfall here in so long, it's pathetic.

  10. Your photos always inspire me, Nat. These are lovely, as usual.... :)

  11. Thanks MyUtopia and meli!

    But isn't that just always the way? Hope you get some rain soon.

    Thanks. I took loads of pictures of purple today. Just you wait!

    It was so great to get out and smell the air while it was still damp and cool. Today it's back to dusty and hot.

    Maybe a rain dance is in order?! :P

    Inspiring...that's a wonderful compliment! Thanks. (blush)
    Does this mean you're back from your holiday?

  12. Yes, I'm back. It was glorious. Watch my blogspace for more. :)

  13. Oh how pretty and such a welcome sight after the long, hot day we have had here!

  14. Oh, that hydrangea is gorgeous!

  15. Lotus,
    It's not too humid yet so it was just such a nice cool dust-free stroll.

    Aw, thanks.


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