Monday, June 25, 2007

Chunkster Challenge wrap-up

Well, there's no way I'll have time to start, never mind finish, another chunkster this week so I guess it's time to bid this challenge farewell. I originally set out to read 4 books from this list.
I didn't quite make it, but I did read 3 of them, all of which had been languishing in TBR purgatory for quite some time.

Books completed: (clicking on the title will take you to my review)
The Makioka Sisters - Junichiro Tanizaki (530 p.)
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke (780 p.)
White Teeth - Zadie Smith (536 p.)

Favourite? I enjoyed all 3 of them but The Makioka Sisters is my highest rated book so far this year! Which is wonderful really because I'd started it a few years ago but then got distracted and never made it back to the book. This time though it really seemed to hit the spot. All three of these authors were new-to-me and I look forward to reading more books by all of them.

So, a big big thank you to Nancy for hosting this challenge and the nudge to finally get these books read. And with any luck I'll manage to get through another 1 or 2 more chunksters from the list by the end of the year!


  1. Congratulations on reaching the end! It sounds like you chose some good books to read for the Chunkster Challenge. I have only read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell from your list, but the other two sound like worthwhile reads too. I will have to add them to my wishlist.

  2. I hadn't heard of those novels I will have to check them out. I should have done this challenge, I read a LOT of books this year that were over 500 pages.

  3. I loved The Makioka Sisters, too. If it wasn't such a chunkster, I'd probably read it again :)

  4. I only managed to finish three myself. Better than nothing, right? And I got lucky. I loved all three!

  5. I'm so impressed with anyone that finished this challenge! I like to read longer books. I think I've always been impressed by books with sheer volume. But to say, "I'm going to read 4". I couldn't do it!

    I really need to buckle down and start reading!

  6. Literary Feline,
    Thanks. I didn't get quite as many read as I would've liked, but I'm happy with the 3 I did finish.

    I'm a pretty slow reader so I often hesitate to read big books. I usually end up liking them, being lost in an epic story, but it's for starting them that I need a bit of extra encouragement. What's your favourite chunkster that you've read this year?

    Gentle Reader,
    Have you read anything else by Tanizaki? I haven't but would like to. So many Japanese books that I want to read though.

    Some is definitely better than none! Congrats on your 3, especially since you loved them all!

    I didn't quite make it to 4 but I was very glad to have a bit of incentive to get me going. So many challenges -I need to buckle down and get back to reading too!

  7. A big you're welcome and congratulations. All three sounded wonderful, judging from your reviews. But, I think I'll give fat books a wide berth unless they're screaming at me, for a while. :)

  8. Nancy,
    LOL! I am looking forward to reading some fun, quick mysteries this summer. :)

  9. Glad you made it through 3 of the big books on your list. Woot! I haven't even heard of any of the books on your chunkster list. LOL I'm so out of the loop. LOL Just brought home an Elizabeth George book this week that's 1000+ pages. It should go reasonably quickly, though. Most of her books do. For me, it isn't the number of pages in a book, it's the writing that makes it fast or slow to read... I scream through oodles of books that are 500+ pages, yet earlier this year I slogged through a book that was barely 350 pages. Who can tell? ;-)

  10. Laura,
    That is so true! A dense 300 page book can take forever to read compared to a fun, easy-to-read chunkster.


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