Thursday, June 21, 2007

Countdown to Autumn

Summer has arrived this week bringing with it the requisite, and dreaded, heat and humidity.* I find it fascinating (yeah really!!) that rainy season officially started a week ago, but we've only had one day of rain so far yet the humidity has jumped dramatically! And I should mention that although it's already too hot for me, it's technically not that hot yet- so much fun in store! I have a feeling that as fast as the first half of this year seemed to fly by, the summer will draaagggg. So this snow-loving Canuck is counting down the days to cooler weather.

Best case scenario, also the least likely, is that it'll cool down by the Autumnal Equinox (Sept. 23): 94 days
Slightly more likely is that Oct. 1st will bring with it cooler weather: 102 days
Most likely scenario is that it'll be mid-October before venturing anywhere will not be uncomfortable and miserable: 116 days

Only 116 days to go!! Thank goodness for ice cream and air conditioners!

*Apologies in advance for any excessive whining over the next few months. Feel free to ignore as desired.


  1. On this the first day of summer it is overcast and POURING rain, once again.

  2. I feel the same way you do, Nat. Summer is not my favorite season, give me Spring or Fall, anyday!

  3. Ha! I just posted a summertime photo essay, exclaiming how much I love summer. :) I don't like being hot and sweaty, but I much prefer it over freezing to death. I'd rather run around in shorts and sandals than have to bundle up, deal with the dry staticky air, and the short days.

  4. LOL! Sorry about your dislike for summer. I don't like heat and humidity either, but I also don't like cold. Spring and Fall are my favorite times of the year and darn, they pass too quickly.

  5. Another fan of hot weather, I see. ;) Me too. Even though it's a really large number, it makes me feel good to think that there are only 100 odd days until the sweet, cool autumn air comes in.

    Thankfully, my birthday comes in the dog days of summer so I can look forward to having an excuse to eat as much ice cream as I can stand (and that's a lot!)

  6. Girl, I hear your pain. I have no idea why we voluntarily live in a place where temperatures regularly get into the triple digits in summer and the humidity sits at around 80%. Then I remember the cost of living in Oklahoma. Oh, yeah. That's why we live here.

  7. You're so funny, Nat! I've never thought to do a countdown to cool weather, but I love your summer whining. I don't feel quite so alone with the misery of combined heat and humidity. :)

  8. oh many bloody days do we have?

    don't know if i want to know it's over 100 days...(did that make sense??)

    already finding myself becoming snappish & all round irritated with people.


    welcome to summer - tokyo style!

  9. I'm right there with you. I live in L.A., and the summer here starts in June (though some years it can be March), and drags on until late October, or early November. Winter is great here, but I'm just not built for the summer heat, I guess. And they always say, "but it's a dry heat." Like that makes it so much better.

  10. You just go right ahead and whine! I completely understand! I don't do well in the heat, either, and can't wait for Fall to arrive.

  11. MyUtopia,
    We're getting some rain today too. It's disgustingly humid but at least it's slightly cooler.

    Summer in Victoria is actually quite nice. Not too hot! But here, yuck! Here's hoping Fall comes earlier this year!

    LOL! I don't mind the bundling up so much, I love comfy wool sweaters and all that. Unfortunately here everyday is hot and sweaty now. I'm already up to 3 showers a day.

    If given a choice I'd choose cold over hot. Spring and Fall really do pass too quickly!

    Nice to have your birthday to look forward to. Around here we justify the ice cream intake as a necessity to battle the heat! :P

  12. Adrienne,
    LOL! A good reason why I can't see us settling here permanently. Just haven't quite figured out where to go.

    Well I'm glad my whining amuses someone. :) Feel free to commiserate anytime.

    Sorry! It really is a mood killer isn't it being all hot and sticky all the time.

    Gentle Reader,
    Heat is heat, especially in the glaring sunshine. But I have to admit that it's the humidity here that really saps all my energy.

  13. Robin,
    (Missed your comment earlier, sorry)
    Here's hoping global warming has been all a big misunderstanding and this'll be the coolest summer on record! (I'm not holding my breath though!) :P

  14. Feel free to whine all you want--I will likely be joining you! It has already gotten hot and humid here where I live. I am trying to keep in mind that this is not even as bad as it is going to get. My house is old with two stories, so though we have central air--the upstairs is very hot and stuffy--where I spend most of my time on the computer and in the bedroom. Nice, eh? So many days until the first day of fall???

  15. Danielle,
    All of us who don't like summer can commiserate together! The fact that it's going to get hotter and more humid is certainly depressing. Unfortunately our apartment gets roasted by the direct sun all afternoon. Keeping the curtains closed only helps to a degree. The cats are fun to watch though all flaked out, trying to get cool.

  16. but at least Japan summers are still manageable!! I miss the rain!

  17. Grace,
    No doubt! I'm sure I'd miss the rain too. I really can't imagine being where you are!


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