Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dessert first

1. Do you cheat and peek ahead at the end of your books? Or do you resolutely read in sequence, as the author intended?
2. And, if you don’t peek, do you ever feel tempted?
I resolutely read through the book as the author intended. While reading I often flip to the last page to see the page number and gauge how many pages I have left but I can't think of a time (unless I've blocked it out!?) when I've read the words on the last page beforehand, or skipped ahead to see what happens. The only time I can imagine doing so is if I'm really hating a book and have decided not to finish it. Then I might read the end to see how it turned out. In a way I'm surprised I'm not more tempted to do so. For TV series, being perpetually behind, I often know what happens later on and still enjoy watching the episodes up to and anticipating said events. But I don't really seem to do that with books. Wonder what this says about me?


  1. Nope. I don't peek either!

    Happy Booking Through Thursday!

  2. I'm exactly the same way! I can't imagine reading the final sentences of a book before I reach the ending.

  3. I read the ending if I'm concerned that it's going to be too sad for me. I'm not very good at handling depressing books, usually. I need uppers. :)

  4. Oooo! I wonder the same thing about me-I don't mind movie or tv spoilers, but please don't give away the end of a book. Let me experience it for myself. I wonder why that is?

  5. Stephanie,
    Yay! Another non-peeker! :P

    Although it's interesting because I'm quite enjoying rereading the Harry Potter books even with knowing the outcomes. But then again I'm still not flipping ahead.

    Not all the time or anything but I quite like dark sometimes, and sad, so that wouldn't be a temptation for me. Actually if I get to the end of a movie or book and it makes me cry I consider it a success! :P

    Literary Feline,
    Funny how that is, isn't it? Maybe it has something to do with the visual aspect- we're distracted by the pretty pictures?

  6. Like you, I never skip ahead to the end nor read the last page, though I will check the page number back there. I think reading ahead is a little like opening your Christmas presents before everyone else. You ruin the surprise.

  7. Laura,
    I have to admit that in my rebellious teenager days I would often sneak peeks at my Christmas presents before hand. :P


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