Friday, June 22, 2007

the spirit of OKASHI

From the wrapper: (click on image to enlarge)

The spirit of OKASHI*. It is what gives a peaceful and
pleasant mind to the human race. All the time, man seeks
romance in the OKASHI. We have been working hard
and carefully, and work on. To weave the romance and
the fancy into each OKASHI. This, at last, we have made
up "The HAKATA SEIYO-WAGASHI." If you taste the
feeling and the spirit of the OKASHI which value tra-
dition and living in the times, there is no pleasure better
than it.
*okashi translates approximately as 'sweet' or 'confectionery' and wagashi is 'Japanese-style confectionery'


  1. So funny. What does it taste like? It looks good. They make it sound like quite the magical experience.

  2. Kookie,
    It was really good actually. I liked it better than some other very similar sweets so maybe they do have the right to make such high claims, however awkwardly.

    It was very yummy! :)

  3. The taste reminds me of the mini tarts my great-grandmother baked - Marzipan. But without the plastic wrapper and desiccant pack.

  4. Qualifies as an entry to! You did it again...make me miss Japan and its okashis...=)

    Is it Kuri-based? yum!

  5. adekun,
    LOL! No individual wrappers? ;)
    This one had a very mild taste, very nice.

    Chestnut? No, it was a bean paste, but very smooth.
    Sorry I keep making you miss Japan! :)


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