Saturday, July 28, 2007

a change for summer

As much as I loved the wisteria banner, the season for purple flowers is long over. It seemed to be time for a change. So I thought I'd keep to the Pillow Book theme, and according to the inimitable Sei Shonagan, "In summer, it is the night". (Full text HERE).

The original photo was taken at Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto, April, 2006.
And posted previously, from another angle HERE.

And speaking of summer, rainy season seems to be in its last throes, meaning that the heat will now really begin. We went out for a little while this evening and walking around in my clothes in sauna-like conditions is just not my idea of fun! Only 79 more days!!
Hope everyone else is having a good weekend.


  1. Purple flowers will continue on my blog for quite a while. I love them ... in season or not! :)

    I do however understand the need for a change.

  2. I really like the new banner :)

    Btw, I tagged you for the "5 reasons why you blog" meme. You don't have to do it, of course, but I'd love to read your responses.

  3. Nat, your new blog header is stunning, I also love that you're sticking with the "pillow book" theme. You know, I had always wondered about your blog name "In Spring it is the Dawn", now I know and I think it's just beautiful!

    Happy summer, hope it doesn't get too hot for you!

  4. Very pretty. Sorry about the heat. I can relate. The mosquitoes are unbelievable. Last night, the truck that sprays poison to kill the mosquitoes drove in front of us, once again. Fortunately, it was far too hot to have the windows of the car open. Whew!

  5. Joy,
    I love them too and didn't mean anything by that. I seem to like to change a bit with the seasons.

    Thanks. Hm, I'll have to give some thought to why I blog.

    Thanks. I hope it doesn't get too hot either although they are predicting a hot one! Yes, my blog name is only very subtly book-related! Glad you like it though. :)

    Yuck! It's hard to decide what's worse the bugs or the nasty chemicals. Here, it's just so darned humid, it's killing me!

  6. I love the lanterns. I liked the flowers, but I really love the lanterns.

  7. It's beautiful!
    Thank you for my comment at the blog today :) !
    Check out my 6S :)

  8. We woke to a gentle rain. I almost forgot we were back in Nebraska. But the bed wasn't swaying from the gentle rocking of the boat, so I knew we were no longer in the PNW. However, I'm still not counting the days 'til fall. I'm not ready to put my sandals and shorts away just yet! :)

  9. The new banner looks really nice!

  10. I know you didn't mean anything by that! I was only commenting because I love YOUR pictures and they are staying up for a while. :)

  11. Thanks Kookie! I love all the various lanterns here too but don't always succeed with night shots. Glad this one turned out.

    Very nice! I'll think of it next time it rains. :)

    We had a thunder storm yesterday and it cooled everything off so today wasn't too bad. Temp. is back up tomorrow though. Glad you're enjoying your summer.

    Thanks Robin.

    I knew you knew but just wanted to be clear. lol. I'm pleased that you enjoy my iris pics! :)

    Thanks Andi. Just seemed to be time for something new.


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